History of the University of Virginia, 1819-1919: The Lengthened Shadow of One Man, Volume 5

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Macmillan, 1922
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Page 57 - to stimulate the habit of community effort for public ends; to enrich the concept of civic virtue; to exemplify the ideal of social service to young men; and to set the public school in its proper correlation to all other educational agencies in
Page 59 - heard a man of such power spend himself so passionately in such a cause. I had seen and heard men speak in that way about personal religion, and heaven, and hell, and struggles and wrongs long past, but never before about
Page 60 - talked on until the sun rose. I am inclined to think it about the best night I have ever spent, for an intelligent and unselfish idea held our youth under its spell, and bound us for life to a service which was not the service of self.
Page 59 - all young men who heard him, that here was a vital thing to work for,— here, indeed, a cause to which a man might nobly attach himself, feeling sure that, though he himself might fail, the cause would go
Page 75 - is that, of course,— but to provide as well experts in every phase of expansion in a complex time: in engineering, in commerce, in agriculture, in the domestic arts, in public health, in public transportation and public welfare generally.
Page 76 - will be to supply the brains, not only to the fortunate few who can repair to its walls, but to all the people, who constitute the life of the State.
Page 238 - aggressive and effective in the application of scientific knowledge and business organization to the conduct of the State's affairs, it can hope and expect to find such aid in its State University.
Page 383 - repudiate the reported utterances of Professor Whipple as unpatriotic and calculated to give aid and comfort to the enemies of the Republic in a grave moment of national peril.
Page 422 - and with the same disconcerting abruptness, similar balls began to dot the sky above, below, and on all sides of us. We were being shot at with shrapnel.
Page 75 - American State which is not met with an immediate answer by its State university. Its duty is not alone to provide teachers, lawyers, doctors, and clean-hearted and clearminded

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