The Punjab Record, Volume 32

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Page 87 - ... fraudulent or grossly improper conduct in the discharge of his professional duty, or (c) who tenders, gives, or consents to the retention, out of any fee paid or payable to him for his services, of .any gratification for procuring, or having procured, the employment in any legal business of himself or any other...
Page 53 - Government inspector as being of such strength, construction, and character that it will not be broken or accidentally opened, or become defective or insecure whilst being conveyed, and will not allow the gunpowder to escape.
Page 69 - ... half-way down the tube ; the latter is then inserted through one of the perforations of the cover, to such a depth, that the lower margin of the moistened part of the paper is about f of an inch above the surface of the cover.
Page 51 - safety fuze" means a fuze for blasting which burns and does not explode, and which does not contain its own means of ignition, and which is of such strength and construction, and contains an explosive in such quantity that the burning of such fuze will not communicate laterally with other like fuzes.
Page 113 - local authority " shall mean a Municipal Committee, District Board, Body of Port Commissioners or other authority legally entitled to, or entrusted by the Government with, the control or management of a municipal or local fund.
Page 4 - chlorate-mixture " means any explosive containing a chlorate. The chlorate-mixture class has two divisions. Division...
Page 76 - ... fund, it was resolved by the Court of Directors of the East India Company, with the sanction of the Commissioners for the Affairs of India that the deficiency should be made good by the East India Company as compensation under the seventh...
Page 54 - ... and so made and closed as to prevent any explosive from escaping. Such bags or coverings shall be packed In a case containing sufficient water to...
Page 78 - ... shall be paid into the Bank of England, to the credit of an account to be opened by the governor and company of the Bank of England, to be intituled "The Account of the Secretary of State in Council of India...
Page 75 - Treasury to grant to any person retiring or removed from the public service in consequence of the abolition of his office, or for the purpose of facilitating improvements in the organization of the department to which he belongs, by which greater efficiency and economy can be effected...

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