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A. Constable, 1908 - Philosophy (Scholastic) - 121 pages
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Page 48 - The vegetative soul, therefore, which is first in the embryo, while it lives the life of a plant, is destroyed, and there succeeds a more perfect soul, which is at once nutrient and sentient, and for that time the embryo lives the life of an animal: upon the destruction of this there succeeds the rational soul, infused from without.
Page 90 - If ever there was a power on earth who had an eye for the times, who has confined him'self to the practicable, and has been happy in his anticipations, whose words have been facts, and whose commands prophecies, such is he in the history of ages, who sits from generation to generation in the Chair of the Apostles, as the Vicar of Christ, and the Doctor of His Church.
Page 49 - A wonderful chain of beings is revealed to our study. The lowest member of the higher genus is always found to border close upon the highest member of the lower genus. Thus some of the lowest members of the genus of animals attain to little beyond the life of plants ; certain shell-fish, for example, have only the sense of touch, and are attached to the ground like plants.
Page 48 - The higher a form is in the scale of being, and the further it is removed from a mere material form, the more intermediate forms and intermediate generations must be passed through before the finally perfect form is reached. Therefore in the generation of animal and man — these having the most perfect form — there occur many intermediate forms and generations, and consequently destructions, because the generation of one being is the destruction of another.
Page 15 - Body and soul are not two actually existing substances, but out of the two of them is made one substance actually existing : for a man's body is not the same in actuality when the soul is present as when it is absent: it is the soul that gives actual being
Page 98 - That mover therefore is either itself in motion or not. If it is not in motion, our point is gained which we proposed to prove, namely, that we must posit something which moves other things without being itself in motion, and this we call God. But if the mover is itself in motion, then it is moved by some other mover. Either then we have to go on to infinity, or we must come to some mover which is motionless; but it is impossible to go on to infinity, therefore we must posit some motionless prime...
Page 120 - What makes against the faith, either as a consideration in the mind of the believer, or in the way of exterior persecution, augments the merit of faith, so far forth as it reveals a will more prompt and firm in the faith. Therefore also the martyrs had greater merit in faith, not receding from the faith for persecutions.; and likewise men of learning have greater merit of faith, not receding from the faith for the reasons of philosophers or heretics alleged against it.

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