VIII. Of clandestine makings, and how all par.

ties are to be treated Lodges' ceasing to meet shall lose their prece

dency IX. I he manner of removing lodges X. lodges when congregated have a power to in

struct their officers when going to the grand

lodge XI. All regular lodges should follow one method XII. What makes a grand lodge, and who are the

members XIII. Business of the grand lodge, &c. Lists of members to be sent to the grand secre.

tary The grand secretary, and grand treasurer, mem

bers of the grand lodge by virtue of their offices Grand pursuviant and grand tyler no members of

the grand lodge XIV. Who shall preside in the grand master's abXV. Who shall preside in the grand warden's

absence XVI. All applications should be made to the de

puty grand master XVII. A grand officer may be an officer of a par.

ticular lodge but not act as such in the grand

lodge XVIII. Who should supply the deputy's absence,

and how the deputy and grand wardens are to be

chosen XIX. The grand master abusing his authority

how he is to be treated XX. Grand visitation of lodges, and constitution

of new lodges XXI. Who should fill the chair in the absence of

the grand master and his deputy XXII. Concerning the meeting and business on

St. John's day
Election of grand officers


XXIII. Choice and installation of grand mastet
XXIV. Concerning ditto
XXV. The grand master has power to chuse his
deputy and the grand lodge can chuse grand war-

dens XXVI. Installation by proxy XXVII. Power of making new regulations vested in the general grand lodge

p. 99 to 125 XXVIII. Regulations for the government

of the lodge during the time of business 125 Regulations for charity

127 MASONIC SONGS. The grand master's song

133 The deputy grand master's song

ib. The grand warden's song

134 The secretary's song

135 The treasurer's song

136 The warden's song

137 The fellow-craft's song

138 The enter'd 'prentices song

.139 As I at Wheeler's lodge one night

141 A mason's daughter fair and young

145 A health to our sisters let's drink

146 An ode on masonry by J. Banks

163 As masons once on Skinner's plain

168 Attend attend the strains

174 An cde

179 As long as our coasts does with whiteness appear

186 Arise gentle muse who with wisdom inspires 187 An ode by E. Fenner

190 Bless'd be the day that gave to me

176. Begin O ye muses a free masons strain 188 Come are you prepared

148 Come come my brethren dear

153 Come follow, follow me.

154 Come boys let us more liquor get

161 Come ye elves that be


EPILOGUES. With what malicious joy 'ere I knew better 200 Well here I'm come to let you know my thoughts

ib. Where are these Hydras let me vent my spleen 201 Well heaven's be prais'd the mighty secret's out 202

SONGS. From the depths let us raise

171 Guardian genius of our art divine

162 Hail sacred art by heaven design'd

180 How bless'd are we from ignorance freed 176 Hail sacred art by heaven design'd, a gracious, &c.

180 Hail masonry divine

181 How happy a mason whose bosom still flows 183 If unity be good in every degree

182 King Solomon that wise projector

156 Let malicious people censure

152 Let masons be merry each night when they

181 Let worthy brethren all combine

* 183 Let masons ever live in love

184 On you who masonry despise

140 Of all institutions to form well the mind

158 PROLOGUES If to delight and humanize the mind

196 As a wild rake that courts a virgin fair

ib. As some crack'd chymist of projecting brain 197 You've seen me oft in gold and ermin drest 198 While others sing of wars and martial feats 199 I Darby Mulroony from Moat of Gren Oge 203 God save you gentle-folks both great and small 204

SONGS. Pray lend me your ears my dear brethren awhile 165 Some folks have with curious impertinence strove

142 Sing to the honour of those



To the Reader.

It has been the custom of all my worthy brethren, who have honoured the craft with their books of constitutions, or pocket-companions, for free-masons, to give us a long and pleasing history of masonry from the creation, to the time of their writing and publishing such accounts, viz. from

Adam to Noah, from Noah to Nimrod, from Nimrod to Solomon, from Solomon to Cyrus, from Cyrus to Şeleucus Nicator, from Seleucus Nicator, to Augustus Cæsar, from Augustus Cæsar to the havoc of the Goths, and so on until the revival of the Augustan style, &c. &c. &c. Wherein they give us an account of the drawing, scheming, planning, designing, erecting, and building of temples, towers, cities, castles, palaces, theatres, pyramids, monuments, bridges, walls, pillars, courts, halls, fortifications, and labyrinths, with the famous light-house of Pharos and Colossus of Rhodes, and many other wonderful works performed by the ARCHITECTS, to the great satisfaction of the readers, and edification of free-masons.*


Quere, Whether such histories are of any use in the fecret myfteries of the craft.

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