The wisdom of Greece and old Rome we explore,
Nay pass to the learn’d of the Memphian shore,
What secrets Euphrates and Tygris have known,
And Palestine gather'd, are here made our own;
Well may the world wonder what strange things we see,
With the man that is known a free-mason to be.

Tho' women from lodges are always debarr'd,
Dear fair ones repent not, nor censure too hard ;
No rivals are here, no not even in glass,
Where fribbles so doat on the shade of an ass;
Your own dearest pictures, our hearts could you see,
Would be found in the bosom of him that is free.

The graces and virtue here mutually join,
And science and knowledge the soul to refine:
Bless'd concord and eagle-high truth hover round,
And face to face friendship cries, see the bowl crown'd;
- Here's a health, let it pass with the number of three,
To him that is known a good mason and free.


When a lodge of free-masons are cloath'a in their aprons,

In order to make a new brother,
With firm hearts and clean hands they repair to their

And justly support one another.

Trusty brother take care, of Ete's droppers beware,

'Tis a just and solemn occasion; Give the word and thie blow, that workmen may know You are going to make a free-mason.

The master stands due, and his officers too,

While craftsinen are plying their station;
The deacons doth stand right for the command

Of a free and an accepted mason.

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Now traverse your ground, asin duty you're bound,

And revere the most sacred oration,
That leads to the way, and proves the first ray,

Of the light of an accepted mason,

Here's tokens and signs, with problems and lines,

And room too for deep speculation;
Here virtue and truth are taught to the youth,
When first he is bound to a mason.

Hieroglyphicks bright, and light reverts light,

On the rules and tools of vocation;
We work and we sing, the craft and the king,
'Tis both duty and choice in a mason.

What's said or is done, is here truly laid down,

In form of our high installation,
Yet I challenge all men to know what I mean,
Unless he's an accepted mason.

The ladies claim right to come into our light,
Can they subject their will, and keep their tongues still,
And let talking be chang'd into hearing.

This difficult task is the least we can ask

To secure us on sundry occasions,
When with this they comply, our utmost we'll try
To raise lodges for lady free-masons.

'Till this can be done, muşt each brother be mum,

Tho' the fair one should wheedle and teaze on, Be just, true, and kind, but still bear in mind,

At all times, that you are a free-mason.

By brother Edward Fenner.
With grateful hearts your voices raise,
To sound the great Creator's praise,
Who by his word dispell’d the night,
And förm'd the radiant beams of light;
Who fram'd the heav'ns, the earth, the skies,
And bid the wondrous fabric rise,
Who view'd his work and found it just,
And then created nian from dust,

Happy in Eden was he laid,
Nor did he goastray,

Till, by the serpent, Eve betray'd,

First fell and led the way.
But falling from this happy plain,
Subject to various wants and pain,
Labour and art must now provide,
What Eden freely once supply'd ;
Some learn’d to till th’unwilling ground;
Some bid the well-strung harp to sound;
Each different arts pursu'd and taught,
Till to perfection each was brought.

Masons pursue the truth divine,
We cannot go astray,
Since three great lights conjointly shine,

To point us out the way
Zion appears, rejoice, rejoice,
Exult, and hear, obey the voice,
Of mercy and enlightening grace,
Recalling us to Eden's place;
With faith believe, and hope pursue,
And mercy still for mercy shew;
Proclaim aloud, with grateful theme,
The great Redeemer's blessed name.

The Eastern star now shews us light,
Let us not go astray;
Let faith, hope, charity unite,
To cheer the gladsome way.


Ye thrice happy few,

Whose hearts have been true; la concord and unity found;

Let's sing and rejoice,

And unite ev'ry voice,
To send the gay chorus around, to send the gay chorus around.

For like pillars we stand,

An immovable band,
Cemented by powers from above;

Then freely let's pass

The generous glass, To masonry, friendship and love to masonry, friendship and

The grand architect,

Whose word did erect
Eternity, measure, and space,

First laid the fair plan,

On which we began,
Cement of harmony and peace, cement of harmony and peace.
Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.

Whose firmness of hearts,

Fair treasure of arts,
To the eyes of the vulgar unknown;

Whose lustre can beam,

New dignity and faine,
On the pulpit, the bar, or the throne.

Encore. Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.

Indissoluble bands,

Our hearts and our hands,
In social benevolence bind;

For true to his cause,

By immutable laws,
A mason's a friend to mankind.

Sncore. Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.

Let joy flow around,

And peace olive-bound,
Preside at our mystical rites,

Whose cændour maintains

Our auspicious domains, and freedom with order unites.

Encore. Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.

Nor let the dear maid

Our mysteries dread,
Nor think them repugnant to love ;

To beauty we bend,

And her empire defend, Her empire deriv'd from above.

Encore. Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.

[blocks in formation]

With a brother and friend in each hand.

Chor. For like pillars we stand, &c.


Whoever wants wisdoni, must with some delight,
Read, ponder, and pore, noon, morning and night;
Must turn over volumes of gigantic size,
Enlighten bis mind, tho' he puts out his eyes.
Derry down, &c.

If a general wou'd know how to muster his men,
By thousands, by hundreds, by fifties, by ten;
Or level his siege on high castle or town,
He must borrow his precepts from men of renown.
Derry down, &c.

Wou'd a wry-fac'd physician or parson excel,
In preaching or giving a sanctified spell;
He first must read Galen and Tillotson thro
E'er he gets credentials or business to do.
Derry down, &c.

But these are all follies, free-masons can prove,
In the lodge they find knowledge, fair virtue and love ;
Without deafʼning their ears, without blinding their eyes,
They find the compendious way to be wise,

Derry down, &c.


Come, ye elves that be,
Come follow, follow me;
All you that guards have been

Without, and serv'd within:
Sing, let joy thro' us resound,
For all this lodge is sacred ground.

Guides too, that fairies are,
Come five by five prepare:
Come bring fresh oil with speed,
Your dying lamps to feed;


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