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THE design is a prostyle temple of the doric order, and is an historical view of ancient masonry, I mean that kind of history which is universally received and acknowleged in ancient


The three figures upon the dome represents the three great masters of the tabernacle in the wil. - derness. The two crowned figures with that on their right hand, represents the three great masters of the holy temple at Jerusalem. The three figures on the left hand represents the three great masters of the second temple at Jerusalem.

The three columns bearing masons aprons, with the arms of England, Ireland, and Scotland, and supporting the whole fabric, represents the three grand masters of England, Ireland, and Scotland, whose names are on the front pedestal, and who wisely and nobly have formed a triple union to support the honour and dignity of the ancient. craft, for which their Lordship's names will be honoured and revered whilst free-masonry exists; in those kingdoms.

In the pediment under the figure of Moses, is the coat armour of the most ancient and honoura. ble fraternity of free and accepted masons according to the old institution, and is thus emblazon'd,

Quarterly per squares, counter-changed verta In the first quarter azure a lion rampant or. In the second quarter cr, an ox passant sable. In the third quarter or, a man with hands erect proper, robed crimson and ermine. In the fourth quarter azure, an eagle displayed or. Crest, the holy ark of the covenant proper, supported by cherubims. Motto, Kodes la Adonai, that is he. liness to the Lorda

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What sort of masons are fit to govern lodges 77

80 1 Concerning God and religion

ib. 2 Of the civil magistrate, supreme and subordinate

ib. 3 Concerning a lodge

89 4 Of masters, wardens, fellow-crafts and apprentices

82 5. Of the management of the craft in working 83 6 Free-masons behaviour in the lodge before

closing, after closing, without strangers, amongst strangers, and in the neighbourhood, &c. likewise to foreign brothers, and behind a brothers back, as well as before. his face

1 84 7 Concerning law suits

86 Charge to a new admitted brother

87 Manner of constituting a lodge

89 Prayer at the opening of a lodge or making a new brother, &c. used by jewish free-ma

93 A prayer used amongst the primitive christian masons

94 Another, now in general use

95 The royal arch prayer

ib. The general regulations shewing the grand officers power in all lodges

124 II. Who ought to preside in the absence of the

master of a particular lodge.' ';.' III. Transactions fit to be written to be kept on

record. IV. No lodge to be moved from their stated

place of meeting without previous notice to the grand secretary V. Dispensations how obtained VI. Concerning visitors VII. Concerning the admission of a new mem

ber with regard to a particular lodge and grand fund


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