Three Thousand Practice Words: With an Appendix Containing Rules for Spelling, Rules for Capitals, Etc

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Eldredge & Brother, 1874 - English language - 80 pages
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Page 64 - Consonant. Part I. A single final consonant is doubled on adding a suffix, when it is preceded by a single vowel, and the suffix begins with a vowel, and the accent is on the last syllable; as, fop + ish = foppish;
Page 71 - be from an inch and a quarter to an inch and a half.
Page 64 - The final consonant is not doubled, if it is not preceded by a single vowel, if the suffix does not begin with a vowel, or if the
Page 63 - beauteous, bounteous, duteous, piteous, plenteous. ■ 2. Y is not changed in derivatives of dry, shy, sky, sly, spry, wry; except drier, driest, which conform to
Page 63 - e before a suffix beginning with a or o, to preserve the soft sound of c or j; as,
Page 61 - They went and told the sexton, and the sexton tolled the bell.
Page 67 - Names of the months and of the days of the week should begin with capitals.
Page 66 - I. The first word of every sentence should begin with a capital. Rule
Page 71 - 6. Place and Date. — Write the name of the place and the date on the next line below the signature, near the lefthand edge. 7. Folding.—Fold
Page iii - a collection of just such words as a student needs to study, unencumbered by those of which he is already master, or which are so rarely employed as to be of but little use to him.

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