Baneful Medicine : Exhibiting Artists, Todd Ayoung, Allison Burtch, Aziz + Cucher, Christine Borland, Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Susan Erony, Arie A. Galles, Aharon Gluska, Anna Halberstadt, Adam Harvery, Eduardo Kac, Verena Kaminiarz, Vitaly Komar, Ruth Liberman, Larry Miller, Aurelia Moser

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Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 2018 - Bioethics - 42 pages
"The exhibition Baneful Medicine brings together contemporary art that engages issues of the history and ethics around biomedical research. Curated by Andrew Weinstein. Located in The Cooper Union Library. The bodies of people of color, the poor around the world, the incarcerated and military personnel have a history of being used as tissue for research. In 1946-47 Americans held Nazi doctors to account at the Nuremberg Doctors' Trial and initiated modern bioethics with the mandate of "informed consent" for human research subjects. Nevertheless, the U.S. government-funded Tuskegee syphilis study continued for decades after. Now that researchers pursue genomics toward an unknown future, does bioethics have what it takes to address still different challenges? How will biotechnological developments affect society's laws and norms? How much more conscientious are medical scientists today than they used to be"--

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