Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory

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Robert E. Clark, Stephen Martin
Springer, Mar 27, 2018 - Medical - 359 pages
‘Behavioral Neuroscience of Learning and Memory’ brings together the opinions and expertise of some of the world’s foremost neuroscientists in the field of learning and memory research. The volume provides a broad coverage of contemporary research and thinking in this field, focusing both on well established topics such as the medial temporal lobe memory system, as well as emerging areas of research such as the role of memory in decision making and the mechanisms of perceptual learning. Key intersecting themes include the molecular and cellular mechanisms of memory formation, the multiplicity of memory systems in the brain, and the way in which technological innovation is driving discovery. Unusually for a volume of this kind, this volume brings together research from both humans and animals—often relatively separate areas of discourse—to give a more comprehensive and integrated view of the field. The book will be of interest to both established researchers who wish to broaden their knowledge of topics outside of their specific areas of expertise, and for students who need a resource to help them make sense of the vast scientific literature on this subject.


481 Current Topics Regarding the Function of the Medial Temporal Lobe Memory System
462 Neural Activity Patterns Underlying Spatial Coding in the Hippocampus
Nonspatial Aspects of Memory Representation by the Hippocampus
452 The Functional and Structural Neuroanatomy of Systems Consolidation for Autobiographical and Semantic Memory
463 Memory Reconsolidation
453 The Sensory Neocortex and Associative Memory
456 The Representational Basis of Working Memory
468 The Neuroscience of Human DecisionMaking Through the Lens of Learning and Memory
467 Basal Forebrain Cholinergic System and Memory
451 Habit Formation and the Striatum
455 The Anatomy and Physiology of Eyeblink Classical Conditioning
454 Exploration of the Neurobiological Basis for a ThreeSystem Multiattribute Model of Memory

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