Walt and Vult: Or, The Twins, Volume 1

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J. Munroe, 1846 - History - 321 pages

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Page 76 - The smallest are nearest God, as the smallest planets are nearest the sun." Therefore, it is a good thing not to be on the outside of their planetary system. Take it all in all, then, we may rest assured, that although our first experiences do not fulfill the ideal images we had raised, yet when the fibres become familiar to the soil, and spread, and strengthen, we soon overcome...
Page 174 - THE trinmphs of truth are the moat glorious, chiefly because they are the most bloodless of all victories, deriving their highest lustre from the number of saved, not of the slain. IF we examine the subject, it is not pride that makes us angry, but the want of foundation for pride ; and for this reason humility often displeases us as much. LET every one protect himself from a sullen, egotistical spirit, for there can be none worse. BIOGRAPHY is useless which is not true. The weaknesses of character...
Page iv - Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1845, by JAMES MUNROE AND COMPANY, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.
Page 129 - Upon the horizontal road, from which no waterdrop could roll, the horse moved blamelessly along, at an equal step with the humble pedestrian, so that the father, from the pulpit of the saddle, could send down innumerable rules of life and jurisprudence. But how could Walt listen to them ? He saw only within and without the bright morning fields of youthful life, or the landscapes on both sides of the road ; or, more distant, the shaded flower-garden of love, and the high, the cloudless mount of the...
Page 248 - Walt, to whom, instead of the hundred altars, where lie the ashes of love and beauty, the phoenix bird himself, with outstretched golden wings, floats suddenly and from afar before...
Page 176 - ... could be opened, the said giant would be found within, alive and vigorous. Yes, the writer of this sentence was, in early life, five or six great men in quick succession, as he imitated them exactly. But when we come to years, that is, to understanding what is really great, we find ourselves to be — nobody. " Let us walk together up and down here," said Walt, who, enraptured with his own fancies, perceived nothing in V nit".-; replies, but his usual affectation.
Page 62 - is like the stars, that can lead one only when the sky is clear. Reason is the magnetic needle that guides the ship when they are wrapt in darkness.
Page 181 - He who loseth wealth, loseth much ; he who loseth a friend, loseth more ; but ho who loseth his spirits, loseth all. SIN is the fruitful parent of distempers, and ill lives occasion good physicians. WE may accept from others sacrifices to save us from martyrdom, but never to purchase a joy. THE passions are at least bold, generous, although destroying lions ; egotism is a quiet, deep-biting, eversucking, venomous bug.
Page 180 - Brother ! if a man requires much of other men, I am willing to consent to it, provided he is willing to give as much in return ; and in any collision of his own interests with another, acts generously.
Page 156 - ... with which it may unite in marriage to form a whole ; but the desire of a whole for a whole ; a brother for a brother ; a God, for a universe, not in order to create, and then to love, but to love and then create.

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