Treaties and Conventions Concluded Between the Hawaiian Kingdom and Other Powers, Since 1825

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Pacific Commercial Advertiser Print., 1875 - Hawaii - 115 pages
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Page 30 - and shall regulate according to its own laws. ARTICLE Ill. The two contracting parties hereby agree that any favor, privilege, or immunity whatever, in matters of commerce or navigation, which either contracting party has actually granted, or may hereafter grant, to the subjects or citizens of any other State, shall be extended to the
Page 106 - Majesty, shall be. exempted from all compulsory military-- service whatsoever, whether by sea or land, and from all forced loans or military exactions or requisitions; and they shall, not be compelled, under any pretext whatsoever, to pay any ordinary charges, requisitions or taxes, other or higher than those that are or may be paid by native subjects. ARTICLE
Page 24 - the territories of one party, such real estate would, by the laws of the land, descend on a citizen or subject of the other, were he not disqualified by alienage, such citizen or subject shall be allowed a reasonable time to sell the same, and to with draw the proceeds without molestation, and exempt from all duties of
Page 30 - or citizens of the other contracting party, gratuitously if the concession in favor of that other State shall have been gratuitous, or in return for a compensation as nearly as possible of proportionate value and effect, to be adjusted by mutual, agreement, if the concession shall have been conditional. ARTICLE IV. No other or higher duties shall be imposed on the
Page 70 - parties to appoint consuls for the protection of trade, to reside in the territories of the other party; but before any consul shall act as such, he shall, in the usual form, be approved and admitted by the Government to which he is sent; and
Page 33 - whom they may think proper; and they shall enjoy in this respect the same rights and privileges as native subjects. ARTICLE IX. In whatever relates to the police of the ports, the lading and unlading of ships, the warehousing and safety of merchandise, goods and effects, the succession to personal estates by will or otherwise, and the
Page 31 - British vessels; and the same duties shall be paid, and the same bounties and drawbacks allowed, on the exportation of any article which is or may be legally exportable from Her Britannic Majesty's dominions, whether such shall be in British or in Hawaiian vessels.
Page 132 - and generally for all the formalities and arrangements whatever to which vessels employed in commerce with their freight and loading may be subject, it is agreed that no privilege shall be granted to national vessels which shall not be equally granted to vessels of the other country, the intention of the high contracting
Page 32 - liberty, in the Hawaiian Islands, to manage their own affairs themselves, or to commit them to the management of whomsoever they please, as broker, factor, agent or interpreter; nor shall they be obliged to employ any other persons than those employed by Hawaiian subjects, nor to pay to such persons as they shall think fit to employ, any higher

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