The Chess Player's Chronicle, Volume 5

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R. Hastings, 1845 - Chess
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Page 218 - The beautiful simplicity and extreme perfection of the game, as it is commonly played in Europe and Asia, convince me that it was invented by one effort of some great genius ; not completed by gradual improvements, but formed, to use the phrase of Italian critics, by the first •intention...
Page 217 - On the Burmha Game of Chess; compared with the Indian, Chinese, and Persian Game of the same denomination. By the late Captain Hiram Cox. Communicated in a letter from him to JH Harington, Esq. (As. Researches, VII, 1801, pp. 486—511). 1349. — «Invenire».
Page 270 - IF man might know The ill he must undergo, And shun it so, Then it were good to know : But if he undergo it, Though he know it, What boots him know it ? He must undergo it.
Page 305 - In a copy from an ancient f/indoa painting which I possess, his capital appears to be regularly fortified in the antique style, with projecting round towers and battlements, and he is said to have defended it with singular ability ; hence he and his people were called magicians and giants, for to the invading Rama, and his hordes of Barbarian mountaineers, called in derision Satyrs or Monkeys, his science must have appeared supernatural. In fact, Ravan appears to have been the Archimedes of Lanca.
Page 167 - KP two squares 2 K. Kt. to B. third 3 KB to QB fourth 4 QBP one square , 5 QP two squares 6 P.
Page 373 - M.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. P. to KB fourth 3. K. Kt. to B. third 4. KB to QB fourth 5.
Page 200 - KP two squares 2 Q. Kt. to B. third 3 KB to QB fourth 4 K. Kt. to B. third 5 P takes P.
Page 305 - Hindoo game : the introduction of a ship or boat amongst troops, etc., embattled on a plain, and the use of dice, which determine the moves, and, as Sir William justly observes, exclude it from the rank which has been assigned to chess among the sciences. In respect to the first of these distinctions, I cannot help suspecting a mistake in translating the passage, which I must leave to abler critics to decide.
Page 168 - WHITE. (Capt. K.) 1. P. to K's 4th. 2. K. Kt. to B's 3rd. 3. P. to Q's 4th. 4. Kt. takes P. 5. Kt. takes Kt. 6. Q. to her 2nd. 7. Q. Kt. to B's 3rd. 8. KB to Q's 3rd. 9. Q. to K. B's 4th. . 10. Q. takes Q. 11. Castles. 12. Kt. to K's 2nd. 13. P. to Q. Kt.'s 3rd. 14. QB takes P. 15. Kt. to B's 4th. BLACK. (Mr. BG) 1. P. to K's 4th. 2. Q. Kt. to B's 3rd. 3. P. takes P. 4. KB to Q. B's 4th.* 5. Q. to K. B's 3rd. 6. QP takes...
Page 304 - The board is quadrilateral, with sixty-four checks as ours; but what forms one army with us, is divided in two each having its king, elephant, horse, and boat with four foot-soldiers in front, placed at the left hand angle of each face of the board.

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