Bothwell: Or The Days on Mary Queen of Scots, Volume 1; Volume 493

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Parry, 1851

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Page 243 - Dont waste your time at family funerals grieving for your relatives: attend to life, not to death: there are as good fish in the sea as ever came out of it, and better.
Page 216 - The tufted grass lines Bothwell's ancient hall, The fox peeps cautious from the creviced wall, Where once proud Murray, Clydesdale's ancient lord, A mimic sovereign, held the festal board.
Page 173 - Weeping ever, weeping low. Drearily throughout the forest Did the winds of autumn blow, And the clouds above were flying, And Scamander rolled below. " Faithless Paris! cruel Paris ! " Thus the poor deserted spake — " Wherefore thus so strangely leave me ? Why thy loving bride forsake ? Why no tender word at parting — Why no kiss, no farewell take? Would that I could but forget thee — Would this throbbing heart might break...
Page 202 - ANXIETY. I FAIN would sing — but will be silent now, For pain is sitting on my lover's brow ; And he would hear me — and, though silent, deem I pleased myself, but little thought of him, While of nought else I think ; to him I give My spirit — and for him alone I live : Bear him within my heart, as mothers bear The last and youngest object of their care.
Page 78 - In that country it is the substitute for the horse, the cow, the goat, and the sheep. From its milk is produced cheese; from its skin, clothing; from its tendons, bowstrings and thread; from its horns, glue; from its bones, spoons; and its flesh furnishes food. In England we have the stag, an animal...
Page 70 - O ! it came o'er mine ear, like the sweet south, that breathes upon a bank of violets," It was the music of French-horns, sweetened by distance and by the water, over which it passed, accompanied by a few voices addressing the river and celebrating the bard in the well-known song of Garrick and Arne, — " Thou softflowing Avon !" Nothing could exceed the beauty of some of the cadences, prolonged...
Page 240 - When fixed to one, it safe at anchor rides, And dares the fury of the winds and tides; But losing once that hold, to the wide ocean borne, It drives away at will, to every wave a scorn.
Page 120 - And forsakes th' unequal pair; But when love two hearts engages, The kind God is ever there. Regard not then high blood, nor riches ; You that would his blessings have, Let untaught love guide all your wishes, Hymen should be Cupid's slave.
Page 70 - The shell-formed lyres of ocean ring : And when the moon -went down the sky, Still rose, in dreams, his native plain, And oft he thought his love was by.
Page 110 - I thought my heart had known the whole Of love, but small its knowledge proved; For still the more my longing soul Loves on, itself the while unloved : She stole my heart, myself she stole, And all I prized from me removed; She left me but the fierce control Of vain desires for her I loved.

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