Louise Lateau of Bois D'Haine: Her Life, Her Ecstasies, and Her Stigmata, a Medical Study

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Burnes and Oates, 1873 - Stigmatization - 220 pages

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Page 56 - They are always found in the subcutaneous layer on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, and are most numerous on the palmar surfaces of the fingers and toes, particularly the third phalanges.
Page 126 - It will be recalled that the various theories which have been put forward to account for the origin of species have been held by their authors and advocates to be mutually.
Page v - she says " by word or act, to be quick enough to meet the supposed emergency; and in fact I found I could not move, for such intense pain came on in the ankle corresponding to the one which I thought the boy would have injured, that I could only put my hand on it to lessen its extreme painfulness.
Page 110 - It was about the year 1772, that Mesmer, who had previously published a dissertation On the Influence of the Planets on the Human Body, announced his discovery of a universal fluid, 'the immediate agent of all the phenomena of nature, in which life originates, and by which it is preserved ; ' and asserted that he had further discovered the power of regulating the operations of this fluid, to guide its...
Page 218 - Traité philosophique et physiologique de l'Hérédité naturelle dans les états de santé et de maladie du Système nerveux, avec l'application méthodique des lois de la procréation au traitement général des affections dont elle est le principe.
Page 2 - At the same time, it. is due to myself that I should declare it as my opinion that the United States having by the treaty of annexation acquired a title to Texas which requires only the action of the Senate to perfect it, no other power could be permitted to invade and by force of arms to possess itself of any portion of the territory of Texas pending...
Page 20 - When little? Why? oily matter which they produce is partly spread over the hairs, and partly over the general surface of the skin A healthy skin is always a little greasy, except on the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, where there are no hairs and no oil-glands. This oily covering prevents the skin from absorbing water when the air is damp; and from drying up on a hot dry day. Sometimes the mouth of a sebaceous gland gets choked up, and then its secretion collects in it and becomes darkcolored....
Page vi - Plauque, tome vi., p. 1 03, is the following case : — A man, thirty years of age, healthy and robust, saw in a dream a Pole with a stone in his hand, which he threw at his breast. The vivid shock awoke him, and then he found that there was on his chest...
Page v - The walk home — a distance of about a quarter of a mile — was very laborious, and in taking off my stocking I found a circle round the ankle, as if it had been painted with red-currant juice, with a large spot of the same, on the outer part.
Page 17 - ... what is seen :— On the back of each hand there is a rather oval surface, nearly one inch in length. It is rather more pink in colour, and it is smoother than the neighbouring skin, and does not show a trace of oozing of any kind. On the palm of each hand there is also an oval surface of a light pink colour, corresponding precisely to the stigmatised surface of the back. On the upper aspect of each foot, the impress has the shape of a long square, with rounded angles, the square being a little...

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