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Since its publication in 1951, this novel is the comingofage story of Holden Caulfield whose fourday "odyssey" leaves him broken by society yet still compassionate. Read and cherished by generations, THE CATCHER IN THE RYE is one of America's literary treasures. Read full review

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User Review  - jenn88 - LibraryThing

I picked this book up several times but could never make it past chapter two. I hated the way the boy talked. I don't know what made me keep picking it up, but finally I made it all the way through ... Read full review

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User Review  - Marse - LibraryThing

My daughter read this book in her 10th grade English class and thought Holden Caulfield was "annoying." I hadn't read it since my 10th grade English class and only vaguely remember a scene with a ... Read full review

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User Review  - bartt95 - LibraryThing

Actually very good, surprisingly so. I've read so many reviews of people saying that Holden Caulfield is a whiny, spoiled brat that I could, I think, only be pleasantly surprised. Sure, he's a whiny ... Read full review

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This book is brilliant the diction that salinger uses completely matches the personality of holden. Who by far is the funniest character in literature. I really enjoyed his inner battle between the adult world and trying to grasp the reality of keeping or protecting his innocence and the innocence of others. Really well written and a book I would recommend to anyone. 

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I did not like this book. I never had to read it in high school. My husband had it and recommended it to me, but I thought it was a waste of my time. It was boring and it didn't really have a great plotline. Not my kind of book.

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This book is a masterpiece! I have found it extremely depressing and I considered the boy as ignorant as first but it soon turned out to be a mego page turner and its completely refreshing! I like the writer a lot and admire his ways of living which certainly have tons of effects on such great work! 

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This was a summer reading requirement for my freshman year of high-school; and I don't know if it was because I wasn't able to fully understand what J. D. Salingerwas trying to get across but I did not like this book what so ever!

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This book is completely and utterly brilliant. Read it. Those who would argue otherwise did not understand its content. Regardless of how you may feel about Holden Caulfield the book itself is a masterpiece.

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User Review  - TysonAdams - LibraryThing

I've tried to like this book, I really have. Yet every time I have read it I've still found myself not seeing what was so good about this. Read full review

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