Advanced Taekwondo

Tuttle Publishing, 2006 - 209 pages
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In Advanced Taekwondo, readers will learn: Beyond the basics-the evolution, advances, and basics of taekwondo; How to develop and utilize advanced techniques-training philosophy, focus and ideology; Advanced fundamentals-stances, blocks, hand and arm strikes, and kicking; Training methods for the advanced practitioner-solo and partner training drills, footwork drills, speed development drills and focus development drills; Advanced combat training-body positioning, footwork, weight shifting, advanced offensive and defensive techniques for competition; How to advance in taekwondo self-defense-defense against the body grab, punch, kick, and weapons; The Advanced Martial Arts series provides a complete and thorough guide for well-seasoned practitioners of the marital arts.

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À propos de l'auteur (2006)

Scott Shaw is one of the world's most prolific proponents of the Korean martial arts. He began training in hapkido and taekwondo as a young boy and today holds master instructor certification in both. He is a frequently published contributor to martial arts magazines and has authored a number of books, including Hapkido: Korean Art of Self-Defense and Taekwondo Basics.

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