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Great book for reference. I believe this compilation helps AI to define intelligence on machines.

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Hello Guys,
I'm obliged to say that I was very surprised about the ratings this book and other OSHO books receive!
After hearing a lot of good talk about his books, I've decided to give it a go
and share the benefits of reading like every one "seemingly" did.
Yet to my surprise if have found that the rating "In my humble opinion" is far too exagerated and actually found that his teachings are contradictory and many other Adjectives that are not nice to say... I am honestly restraining myself from using words that may insult the pride of some people who actually like his books and teachings, because this is never the aim.
The aim is for us all to become better, understand better and analyse better.
For now I will suffice with the above.
For later on I will definitely quote and comment on some of the things that I found contradictory and untrue ...
Till then take care, and please analyse what you are reading and compare it to life and life situations we have lived. And do not let other people do the thinking for you! Not even me ;)

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this book really makes a person think creatively, it makes sense to things that we never thought would make sense

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