Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense

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Mill City Press, Incorporated, Jun 1, 2010 - Finance, Personal - 326 pages
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"A 14% credit card rate! What a deal!" "Where it says 'adjustable' here on my mortgage - that means 'fixed', right?" "Work until I retire, then collect Social Security. That's my wealth plan." If you've ever wondered how your money works, where it goes or how it grows, stop wondering. "Control Your Cash: Making Money Make Sense" deconstructs personal finance so that everyone but the hopelessly inept can understand it. Inside the book, you'll learn: [ how to get your bank accounts, credit cards and other financial instruments to work for you, and not the other way around [ the right way to buy a car (i.e. with the salesman cursing your name as you drive away) [ where and how to invest, and what all those symbols, charts and graphs mean [ how to turn expenses into income, and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck [ whom the tax system is stacked against (hint: it's most of us) and how to use that to your advantage [ the very key to wealth itself. In fact, the authors thought it was so important they put it on the cover so you can read it even if you're too cheap to buy the book: Buy assets, sell liabilities. Finally, a book that explains personal finance not only in layman's terms, but in detail. If you can read, and have any capacity for self-discipline, invest a few bucks in "Control Your Cash" now and reap big financial rewards for the rest of your life.

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