The Flowing Bowl: When and what to Drink

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C.L. Webster & Company, 1891 - Alcoholic beverages - 294 pages
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Page 278 - I learned it in England, where, indeed, they are most potent in potting: your Dane, your German, and your swag-bellied Hollander,— Drink, ho!— are nothing to your English.
Page 278 - Come, thou monarch of the vine, Plumpy Bacchus, with pink eyne : " In thy vats our cares be drown'd ; With thy grapes our hairs be crown'd ; Cup us, till the world go round ; Cup us, till the world go round ! Cces.
Page 279 - ... up with this retinue, doth any deed of courage ; and this valour comes of sherris. So that skill in the weapon is nothing without sack, for that sets it a-work ; and learning a mere hoard of gold kept by a devil till sack commences it and sets it in act and use.
Page 84 - Deafen the subtle judgment of the taste. \Vhen our two champions had their facers crown'd, We did them justice, and the glass went round ; His parasites alone his anger fear'd, And the full flask unwillingly they spar'd. In a large dish an outstretch'd lamprey lies, With shrimps all floating round : The master cries. This fish, Maecenas, big with spawn was caught, For after spawuihg-time its flesh is naught.
Page 281 - When neebors anger at a plea, An' just as wud as wud can be, How easy can the barley-bree Cement the quarrel ! It's aye the cheapest lawyer's fee, To taste the barrel. 1 Burnewin — burn-the-wind — the Blacksmith — an appropriate title. E. Alake ! that e'er my Muse has reason To wyte her countrymen wi...
Page 297 - By MRS. ALEXANDER IRELAND. A remarkable biography of a wonderful woman, written and compiled by one in thorough sympathy with her subject, from material made public for the first time. The powerful side-light it throws upon the life and character of Thomas Carlyle will make the volume indispensable to all who venerate the genius, or are interested in the personality, of the Sage of Chelsea. Vellum, cloth (half bound), 8vo, $1.75. Essays in Miniature.— By AGNES REPPLIER, author of "Points of View,
Page 287 - Werth des Zechers, Nach des Trinkenden Begabung! In Gemeinheit tief versunken Liegt der Thor vom Rausch bemeistert; Wenn er trinkt — wird er betrunken, Trinken wir — sind wir begeistert!
Page 82 - A Lucanian boar, of tender kind Caught, says our host, in a soft southern wind. Around him lay whatever could excite, With pungent force, the jaded appetite; Rapes, lettuce, radishes, anchovy brine, With skerrets, and the lees of Coan wine.
Page 85 - d fat with figs, bespoke the curious giver; Besides the wings of hares, for so it seems, No man of luxury the back esteems. Then saw we black-birds with o'er-roasted breast, Laid on the board, and ringdoves...
Page 287 - Denn es gleicht der Wein dem Regen, Der im Schmutze selbst zu Schmutz wird, Doch auf gutem Acker Segen Bringt und Jedermann zu Nutz wird!

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