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In this reinvention of the classic fairy tale of The Princess and the Frog, Sunday Woodcutter befriends a frog who is really a Prince under a spell. Throughout the book references are made to other classic fairy tales or they have other fairy tales woven in such as Cinderella, Princess and the Pea, and The Red Shoes. Kontis uses third person omniscient to help draw the reader into the story along with vivid description. Mixing in journal entries from Sunday's journal helps to understandable as well as introducing characters simply to be compared to Sunday makes Sunday well rounded character.  

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I give this book a 1 star rating. It is very boring. Once you read, it starts so bright, then goes dimmer, and dimmer as you read

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I am a 13 year-old who is very much in love with romance and princes in disguise. This book contains both and is now my 1# favorite book, so long Ella Enchanted. If you like this book I would recommend:
the false prince
dragon slippers
dragon's keep
curse of the thirteenth fey
the goose girl
princess of the midnight ball
goose chase
This book is very intriguing and will have you rereading till you are forced to return it.

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