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Don't sell this as primarily a novel of the Civil War. Sell it rather as a novel in human emotions against the background of the Civil War and its aftermath. It has the finer qualities of So Red The Rose, — the authentic picture of people and places and incidents, something of the moonlight and honeysuckle of the glamorous Old South, much of the traditions and manner of life and thought. It has ... Read full review

Review: Gone With the Wind

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Your significant other leaves and whether or not it's true you're certain it's for greener pastures. Or your best friend the one you could allow in the dressing room while you tried on bathing suits moves to Nepal in search of spiritual unity. Or you're facing a long weekend alone, because everyone you know is going out of town, and you would too, except for the fact that your cat is sick and ... Read full review

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Oh God! Where do i begin to start!! I had a strong feeling that it being a classic won't be that good but boy! was i wrong...Rhett Butler!!! That's the only thing which comes to my mind whenever i think about Gone With The Wind. Scarlett no doubt was a bitch! and the ending couldn't get any better... 

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Such a classic
A wonderful read on the civil war. This book has it all, action romance, drama. A true classic

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I love this book so much one of my fav

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Gone with the wind
What a tremendous book!! I was really amazed at the comparisons made of the differences of the upper crust familes before and after the Civil war. The staunch bigoted attitudes of the whites toward the former slaves. A must read for all. Roger

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Published in 1936, Gone with the Wind sold 50,000 copies on its first day, and two million after a year

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Well Scarlet, Frankly Tomorrow Will Suck
Lawdy me! Fiddle-dee-dee! Goodness gracious! Land sakes alive, just where do I commence. Well, first off, let me explain why I was even reading this
veritable ole Southern classic - to tell the truth (or at least a facsimile thereof)it was its 75th anniversary & seemed like the right patriotic thing to do. Plus, it had been sitting in my library for years, staring at me, daring me to crack it open & see why approximately 40 million copies had been sold. Except for catching snippets of the famous film, I only knew the book/film from Gable's famous closing line (which I will omit for the one or two individuals out there who have not heard/read it). I didn't quite know what to expect. I only sensed it would be big , really big. Know what I mean? Rambling on for a thousand plus pages it was definitely big. Other than that, it was sort of like a curve ball that breaks the wrong way, smacking you in the knee caps. To begin with, I did not believe it possible to create a female protagonist so lacking in any positive virtues. Without any doubt, Scarlet O'Hara is the least likable female lead I've ever run across. She's vain, self-centered, jealous, insensitive, corrupt, conniving, sneaky, two-faced & that's only the beginning. I know. I know. All of you reading this are waiting for me to to an about face & share that there comes a moment in the novel, where she turns the corner, discovers the errors of her ways & ... well, forget about it. I actually found myself, half way through the book, rooting for something, anything bad to knock her upside the head. You'll have to read the book to find out if my wishes were granted.
And then there's more. Shucks, yes. Okay, so I knew GWTW covers the full arc of the Civil War, from before it began, through the war & after & out of Reconstruction. And its only fair to think that it would be reasonable for Ms. Mitchell to capture the sense of racism that permeated the South during those difficult years. But Mitchell outdoes herself, saturating this novel in a sickly, syrupy meringue of race baiting stereotypes that makes African Americans seem downright ungrateful to their conscientious white owners who treated them with such civility & respect. Gag me please. Mitchell even manages to insert a wisp of antisemitism - quite the lady, she. I could go on & on. But why dwell on the negative. Let me just conclude by wishing Mitchell & her estate a Happy Anniversary. If nothing else, like Scarlet's dreams about becoming wealthy, GWTW has fulfilled that wish, drenching them & her family forever & ever with riches beyond even Scarlet's imagination.

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A brillaint book in itself . .. .this novel takes one back to those old times when women were supposed to have 17 inch waists and the men were the 'gentlemen' sorts . ..
. . ..its set in the
American civil War where the sourtherners are fighting the yankees . ..
........the novel's protagonist is the ultimate real gal .. .which can b found evn now .the Most beautiful Scarlett O' Hara....portrayed as a flirtatious young chit of 16. .ther is not one reedeemable quality in her to make the readers love her at all . . .Melanie in comparison isntantly meets our approval . .. Ashley is the chilhood love of Scarlett whome she'd loved since she ws 13 . .he lives in a make believe world wher piano and books are his world .. .he's a sorry excuse to b considered a sweetheart by a girl like Scarlett .. .
one Can only stand awe-struck when its Scarlett who saves Melanie and the others from hunger when she's in Tara . .Scarlett's instinct to survive takes her from Tara to Atlanta Again . ....she's a survivor to her last breathe . .
Scarlett is the modern whomen whom Mitchell has tried to portray in this novel . .she'd Married three men in her life . .
Rhett Butler is the hero whom we cn only Love .. . the dialogues Between Rhett and Scarlett can only b defined as simply beautiful .. . .the dialogues are the one thing tht make the novel worthwhile to read. .. . ther is no romance in it.. ..evn though its a romance genre novel . ..
its a novel which will appeal to many . its a classic in itself to be read evn though one doesnt like the heroine tht much . ..Rhett makes us love the novel . .
i'l think of it tomorow . . coz Tommorrow is another day .. . :)

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Gone with the Wind, written in 1939, is my all-time favorite book. I love historical fiction. I tend to gravitate to historical fiction from Revolutionary times through the Civil War and Reformation. I particularly enjoy Gone with the Wind because within the pages of the book you live through tragic romances and happily ever afters. The story takes place during the Civil War and the reader is lost in the story through the eyes of Scarlett, Rhett, Ashley, and Melanie, along with a cast of other characters. Of course this time period was very unsettled and the reader learns about such topics as peer pressure from society -- staying loyal to one's family and friends and the South or taking up the cause for the North. As the war continues, some lose everything and, left with nothing, are forced to rise above the rubble and overcome the tragedies of the war. Of course, the haves and the have nots become more divided and further apart, yet adding more frustration to the time period. But, I think perhaps the strongest theme running through the novel is around feminism. As the men leave to join the war forces, the women are left to take care of the home front. There lives as they knew them change and they find themselves rising up to keep their families and their homes safe from harm. I have read Gone With the Wind probably 20 times and every time I read it I seem to always find something new about the characters and the events.
My parents gave me Gone with the Wind when I was still in grade school; a book considered a little "racey" for a grade schooler. At that time, I wasn't allowed to take the book to school, nor did I get to watch the movie, but I am so glad my parents gave me the opportunity to enjoy Gone with the Wind!

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