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Probably the most well written and interesting non-fiction work I have read. If you're looking for a "how-to-manual" or a good story, you won't be disappointed. Not for the closed-minded, or for the ... Read full review

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This is a very entertaining book, especially if you have not heard of the seduction community. Neil went on an amazing life journey into this world and brings it alive in this book. Be care-ful if you choose to delve into the community yourself. It is incredible the resources that exist to help guys get laid, and at the higher end of the community, attract their soul-mate. There are a lot of low integrity teachers, but there are plenty of good ones. I recommend David Deida. Neil has his Annihilation method, which is cool. IdeaGasms has some great stuff too, but watch out for the crazy. Basically, question everything and check how each thing sits with your integrity-radar. Anyways, its a fun book. And girls and women alike should also be aware of this community to protect themselves. Have fun. 

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Si ca roman ar fi entertaining desi pe alocuri un pic cheesy poate. Faptul ca este non fictiune o face o super carte.

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How to guide on how to be an effective addict
Want to congratulate Mr. Strauss on his fantastic expose/how to guide and for through private lessons helping me to achieve success I never through
possible, sadly this all came with a cost. I had it all an Ivy league education, a successful business, money in the bank, and every possible need met. My problem was I focused on my wants I wanted affection but traded in my values, I wanted the affection I never received as a young man, I in effect gave up a good life for a terrible existence. A cost which sadly since this book is opinion Mr. Strauss, Mystery (through the Mystery Method), and the other PLAs will never have to pay but which they as "Gangsters of Love(Sex) will likely profit from" but which our society and our legal system have to contend with.
Why I read this book
1) Wanted sex, which I confused with love
2) Thought relationships would solve all my problems that this would somehow enhance my life (it didn't my life became more complicated not less now have women who are angry with me and trying to get everything I have left like the remaining assets of my business ( I have to hide money under my mattress or risk not having enough to pay for food, or shelter, alimony, money for child support, and forced dissolution of my business)
3) Wanted women who were unavailable emotionally/physically (got exactly what I asked for and sadly I didn't know any better since this was my female relationship model when I was growing up) (with recovery found my anger and resentment desire to settle scores with them was unjustified in that I had many of the same issues they do.) All I was achieving was reliving the same time wasting cold unavailable relationships I suffered in childhood.
What I got from sowing the seeds
1) Dates I never thought possible with women who (previously thought they were better than me, and would never have gone out with me if they knew who I really was. truth is once they saw the superficial in me I should have ran, not walked)
2) Sex, sadly not love or affection I wanted or needed
3) Shallow, narcissistic, emotionally unavailable women (similar to how I myself am unavailable, shallow selfish person)
How I paid for my actions.
1) I have lost everything (all my money (I am 200k in credit card debt) my house, my assets over 20 years of investments in the stock market, my sanity I obtained several peripheral addictions including to legal\illegal substances (I joined AA and SLA) to get help I couldn't from addiction centers,
2) It is currently costing me my firm and my sanity I can't rent a car in Hawaii without putting down a cash deposit, since I was charged with sexual harassment by a former employee of mine for crossing the invisible relationship line I will have great difficulty finding work in US, I'll need to cross that bridge when I get to it.
3) Most of my old friends don't want to be near me or trust me
I have read this book and thought that it would be of great benefit creating fulfilling relationships instead created what Shakespeare would say in Macbeth "full of sound and fury signifying nothing" Sadly for me I have gone from having nothing to having something but at with consequences I never foresaw in terms of creating new addictions, I don't know what real love is and I am never sure whether a woman is with me because of who I am or because of my marketing. I also am never sure when I am being manipulate or genuine (I don't know who I really am).
I find that I am now a sex\relationship addict I can't distinguish between love and sex and I find that I use women to get sex and that each relationship I've had over the last several years doesn't have capacity for any real compassion only brief and unstable or brief intimacy )
I now have several paternity suits, which are very expensive and time consuming with women who I didn't really like anyway and ten angry people (the women for now ) and their children in

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Audiobook rocks. Listened to it a year ago. Awesome.

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A great story and a real insight into a world some people may have thought wasn't real. Highly recomend if you're Generation X and younger. Strauss is very funny and has about 6 or 7 other very great books.

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Genius. Amazing book. About "The Life". In a big sense of it.

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Very entertaining insider's view of the life of a pickup artist. Enjoyable read for any demographic.

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Simply put, any guy who looks at things too logicially (and therefore cannot figure out women) should take a look at this book. I met my fiance the day after finishing it and would not have been able to approach her otherwise.

The Game

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It is a great book. I have only just started reading it and cant seem to put it down. A good choice for anyone. Read full review

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