Account of the Levant company; with some notices of the benefits conferred upon society by its officers [by R. Walsh].

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Page 20 - I reasoned with a Frenchman yesterday, Who told me, in the narrow seas that part The French and English, there miscarried A vessel of our country richly fraught.
Page 63 - applause, not this age, nor this country alone, will have reason to bless our exertions. There is no period so remote, there is no nation so barbarous, in which we may not confidently anticipate that these successful researches of British philosophy, this auspicious example of British policy, will become, under the
Page 42 - They are pious, sober, benevolent, devout in the offices of religion, in conversation innocently chearful, given to no pleasures but such as are honest and manly, to no communications but such as the nicest ears need not be offended at,
Page 42 - of the Church of England. It is our first employment every morning to solemnize the daily service of the Church, at which I am always sure to have a devout, a regular, and a full congregation.
Page 62 - rightful exercise of public legislation. Nor is this all. To the glory of the discovery, to the merit of its first promulgation and establishment, we have now added the still higher praise of its general reception, its just and
Page 49 - no country can be better adapted than our own to afford an honourable asylum to these monuments of the school of Phidias and
Page 20 - called Ar"gosies, which are so famed for the vastness of their burthen " and bulk, were corruptly so denominated from Ragosies,
Page 58 - Charters, which being no longer connected with the protection of public interests, may be deemed, by Parliament and the public, to be useless and injurious restrictions upon Trade.
Page 49 - as we learn from history and experience, that free governments afford a soil most suitable to the production of native talents,
Page 20 - The Goodwins, I think they call the place, a very dangerous flat.

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