Overland Red: A Romance of the Moonstone Canon Trail

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Grosset and Dunlap, 1914 - Western stories - 348 pages
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Page 192 - Following out this idea, it would seem that we ought to define a man's income as the maximum value which he can consume during a week, and still expect to be as well off at the end of the week as he was at the beginning.
Page 363 - JUDY OF ROGUES' HARBOR Judy's untutored ideas of God, her love of wild things, her faith in life are quite as inspiring as those of Tess. Her faith and sincerity catch at your heart strings. This book has all of the mystery and tense action of the Other Storm Country books. TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY It was as Tess, beautiful, wild, impetuous, that Mary Pickford made her reputation as a motion picture actress. How love acts upon a temperament such as hers — a temperament that makes a woman an angel...
Page 330 - M the ramblin' son with the nervous feet That never was made for a steady beat. I had many a job — for a little while; I been on the bum and I 've lived in style, But there was the road windin' mile after mile — And nothing to do but go.
Page 352 - the Duke," attempts to safeguard the cattle ranch of Vesta Philbrook from thieving neighbors, his work is appallingly handicapped because of Grace Kerr, one of the chief agitators, and a deadly enemy of Vesta's. A stirring tale of brave deeds, gun-play and a love that shines above all.
Page 356 - wilt particularly interest, and strangely enough, without one shock to the most conventional minded. THE SCAR With fine comprehension and insight the author shows a terrific contrast between the woman whose love was of the flesh and one whose love was of the spirit. THE MARRIAGE OF BARRY WICKLOW Here is a man and woman who, marrying for love, yet try to build their wedded life upon a gospel of hate for each other and yet win back to a greater love for each other in the end. THE UPHILL ROAD The heroine...
Page 177 - But he only saw her head bent within the gloom Over heaps of bridal thread bright as applebloom, Silver silk like rain that spread across the driving loom. Dreaming Fanch, the cobbler's son, took his tools and laces, Wrought her shoes of scarlet dye, shoes as pale as snow ; ' ' They shall lead her wildrose feet all the fairy paces Danced along the road of love, the road such feet should...
Page 357 - ... .father's plans for him to be a servitor of big business. The love '.of a fine girl turns Bibb's life from failure to success. THE GENTLEMAN FROM INDIANA. Frontispiece. A story of love and politics, — more especially a picture of a country editor's life in Indiana, but.the charm of the book lies in the love interest. THE FLIRT. Illustrated by Clarence F. Underwood. The
Page 329 - And nothing to do but go. So, beat it, Bo, while your feet are mates; Take a look at the whole United States; There's the little fire and the pipe at night; And up again when the morning's bright; With nothin' but road and sky in sight, And nothin' to do but go. So, beat it, Bo, while the goin's good, While the birds in the trees are sawin...
Page 139 - I'm tired of seein' scenery, Jest lead me to a beanery, Where there's something more than only air to chew. Professor William Stearns Davis of the University of Minnesota is the author of a " History of Mediaeval and Modern Europe " just published by the Houghton Mifflin Company ($1.50). Mr. Norman Shaw McKendrick of the Phillips Exeter Academy has collaborated with the author, revising the entire manuscript...
Page 356 - ... Then at last — but we must leave that to Ruby M. Ayres to tell you as only she can. THE SECOND HONEYMOON In this story the author has produced a book which no one who has loved or hopes to love can afford to miss. The story fairly leaps from climax to climax. THE PHANTOM LOVER Have you not...

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