Tales of a grandmother

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Page 147 - ... which fruits have a colour as if they were fit to be eaten, but if you pluck them with your hands they dissolve into smoke and ashes.
Page 130 - One's life narrows down with the years: there is so much to say and so little time to say it in - one sticks to the patois of the profession, which can put others off.
Page 242 - ... to such as keep his covenant, and to those that remember his commandments to do them.
Page 220 - ... 13th I left the Fort for a ten days scout on the Republican River and Frank went home to Enlist another company. I went on to the Republican and there met with two companies of White Cav. and on the 18th of Feb. we started back to Ft. McPherson. It would be impossible for me to tell you of all the horrible suffering of that days march. It was snowing and blowing a Gale from the North West and we had to face the storm for twenty five miles and when we got into camp we didn't have a tent in the...
Page 136 - ... being a better conductor of heat than earth, is always of a more even temperature. During the day, therefore, the land becomes considerably heated, the air rarefied, and, consequently, in the afternoon, a breeze sets in from the sea, which is less heated at that time than the land. On the other hand, during the night, the earth loses its surplus heat, while the sea continues more even in its temperature. Towards morning, therefore, a breeze regularly proceeds from the land towards the ocean,...
Page 184 - I left the patient under the charge of my friend, with strict injunctions not to touch the tourniquets until my return, and pointed out the danger of such a proceeding. He understood, and carefully observed, my instructions ; but, as the young lady dozed, he left the room, and did not return for some time, when he found all the unfavourable symptoms...
Page 236 - ... a direct line, from north to south, or from east to west ; we must drive in the direction the roads are made.
Page 243 - to the third and fourth generation of those who love him, and keep his commandments.

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