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Elkin Mathews and John Lane at the sign of the Bodley Head in Vigo Street, 1893 - English poetry - 61 pages
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Page 10 - OXFORD CHARACTERS. A series of lithographed portraits by WILL ROTHENSTEIN, with text by F. YORK POWELL and others. To be issued monthly in term. Each number will contain two portraits. Parts I. to V.
Page 2 - A WORD must be said for the manner in which the publishers .**. have produced the volume (ie "The Earth Fiend"), a sumptuous folio, printed by CONSTABLE, the etchings on Japanese paper by MR. GOULDING. The volume should add not only to MR. STRANG'S fame but to that of MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE, who are rapidly gaining distinction for their beautiful editions of belles-lettres.' — Daily Chronicle, Sept. 24, 1892. Referring to MR. LE GALLIENNE'S 'English Poems' and ' Silhouettes
Page 2 - MR. LE GALLIENNE is a fortunate young gentleman. I don't know by what legerdemain he and his publishers work, but here, in an age as stony to poetry as the ages of Chatterton and Richard Savage, we find the full edition of his book sold before publication. How is it done, MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE ? for, without depreciating MR. LE GALLIENNE'S sweetness and charm, I doubt that the marvel would have been wrought under another publisher. These publishers, indeed, produce books so delightfully...
Page 14 - Essays ; Fiction; original Designs; with reproductions of pictures and drawings by the old masters and contemporary artists. There will be a new titlepage and ornaments designed by the Editor. Among the contributors to the Hobby Horse are : The late MATTHEW ARNOLD.
Page 3 - List of Books IN BELLES LETTRES (Including some Transfers) Published by John Lane VIGO STREET, LONDON, W. NB — The Authors and Publisher reserve the right of reprinting any book in this list if a new edition is called for, except in cases where a stipulation has been made to the contrary, and of printing a separate edition of any of the books for America irrespective of the numbers to which the English editions are limited. The numbers mentioned do not include copies sent to the public libraries...
Page 2 - by MR. ARTHUR SYMONS : — ' We only refer to them now to note a fact which they illustrate, and which we have been observing of late, namely, the recovery to a certain extent of good taste in the matter of printing and binding books. These two books, which are turned out by MESSRS. ELKIN MATHEWS AND JOHN LANE, are models of artistic publishing, and yet they are simplicity itself. The books with their excellent printing and their very simplicity make a harmony which is satisfying to the artistic...
Page 9 - GEORGE MEREDITH: Some Characteristics. With a Bibliography (much enlarged) by JOHN LANE, portrait, etc. Fourth Edition. Cr. 8vo. Purple cloth. 5s. 6d. net. THE RELIGION OF A LITERARY MAN.
Page 13 - WILDE (OSCAR). The incomparable and ingenious history of Mr. WH, being the true secret of Shakespear's sonnets now for the first time here fully set forth, with initial letters and cover design by CHARLES RICKETTS.
Page 8 - Fcap. 8vo. 5s. net. [/ preparation. KEATS (JOHN). THREE ESSAYS, now issued in book form for the first time. Edited by H. BUXTON FORMAN. With Life-mask by HAYDON. Fcap. 410. 10s. 6d. net. [ Very few remain. LEATHER (RK). VERSES. 250 copies. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. net. Transferred by the Author to the present Publishers. LEATHER (RK), & RICHARD LE GALLIENNE.

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