Massachusetts Reports: Cases Argued and Determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, Volume 188

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Page 101 - ... and take possession for the purpose of completing the work included, under this contract, of all materials, tools and appliances thereon, and to employ any other person or persons to finish the work and to provide the materials therefor...
Page 354 - In consideration of the foregoing valuable privileges, the Employer agrees to hire as shoe workers, only members of the Boot and Shoe Workers' Union in good standing, and further agrees not to retain any shoe worker in his employment after receiving notice from the Union that such shoe worker is objectionable to the Union, either on account of being in arrears for dues, or disobedience of Union Rules or Laws, or from any other cause.
Page 40 - A declaration of a deceased person shall not be inadmissible in evidence as hearsay if the court finds that it was made in good faith before the commencement of the action and upon the personal knowledge of the declarant.
Page 642 - ... every policy which contains a reference to the application of the insured, either as a part of the policy or as having any bearing thereon, must have attached thereto a correct copy of the application, and unless so attached the same shall not be considered a part of the policy or received in evidence.
Page 47 - Where a constitutional provision is designed for the protection solely of the property rights of the citizen, it is competent for him to waive the protection, and to consent to such action as would be invalid if taken against his will.
Page 388 - In order to constitute a crime, a person must have intelligence and capacity enough to have a criminal intent and purpose ; and if his reason and mental powers are either so deficient that he has no will, no consicence or controlling mental power, or if.
Page 432 - Upon these facts the judge directed a verdict for the defendant, and reported the case for the determination of this court, such order to be made as the court might direct.
Page 278 - ... that the case should have been submitted to the jury...
Page 359 - If such an object were treated as legitimate, and allowed to be pursued to its complete accomplishment, every employee would be forced into membership in a union, and the unions, by a combination of those in different trades and occupations, would have complete and absolute control of all the industries of the country.
Page 355 - At the close of the evidence the defendant asked for the following instructions which the judge declined to give: "1. Upon all the evidence in the case, the plaintiff is not entitled to recover.

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