THE MAN WHO KNEW INFINITY: : A Life of the Indian Genius Ramanujan

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Destructive forces of East and West combine to crush the flower of genius in this brilliantly realized biography of a self- taught, turn-of-the-century mathematician, by the author of Apprentice to Genius (1986). Born in 1887 to humble circumstances in a southern Indian backwater, Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar received little encouragement in his growing obsession for mathematics—fueled ... Read full review

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one and the only book I ever bought and while reading it felt like ramanujan is walking in front of me and hardy's amazement and typical Indian scenario of that time.....nice work indeed..!!

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This book gives very descriptive and touching history of a hidden gem of India, Ramanujan. This book inspire students to study what they really love and educators to improve their education system. This book shows many interesting controversial harmonies in Ramanujan such as his mathematical skill from, according to his word, from god. The only thing I think the book does not achieve is to illustrate the beauty of mathematics in Ramanujan's work. Even though the writer did a good job on Ramanujan's biography, he did not well explain why Ramanujan's work is beautiful. Other than that, it is a good book to inspire generations and generations.  

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Nice biography of Ramanujan. Gives you a good feel of the mathematics community in the early 20th century, as well as Oxford and Edwardian Britain.

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