London Society, Volume 11; Volume 13

Front Cover
James Hogg, Florence Marryat
William Clowes and Sons, 1868 - English literature
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Page 189 - O fountain Arethuse, and thou honoured flood, Smooth-sliding Mincius, crowned with vocal reeds! That strain I heard was of a higher mood: But now my oat proceeds, And listens to the herald of the sea That came in Neptune's plea; He asked the waves, and asked the felon winds, What hard mishap hath doomed this gentle swain?
Page 59 - Out of all the seas : But the black North-easter, Through the snowstorm hurled, Drives our English hearts of oak Seaward round the world. Come, as came our fathers, Heralded by thee, Conquering from the eastward, Lords by land and sea. Come ; and strong within us Stir the Vikings...
Page 577 - For me, degenerate modern wretch, Though in the genial month of May, My dripping limbs I faintly stretch, And think I've done a feat today. But since he...
Page 63 - We may suppose the stage to have been raised in this area, on the fourth side, with its back to the gateway of the inn, at which the money for admission was taken. Thus, in fine weather, a playhouse not incommodious might have been formed.
Page 536 - England with what he had now given him, to suck of the Abundance of the Seas, and of the Treasures hid in the Sands...
Page 87 - twas fine to see Tom flame, And argue, and prove, and preach. Till Jack was silent for shame, Or a fit of coughing came O' sudden, to spoil Tom's speech.
Page 563 - THE stage is more beholding to Love, than the life of man. For as to the stage, love is ever matter of comedies, and now and then of tragedies ; but in life it doth much mischief ; sometimes like a syren, sometimes like a fury.
Page 271 - Managers' doing, who by rope-dancing, fire-works, play-bill puffs, and by every kind of quackery, seem determined to fill their pockets for the present, and disgust the public in the end, if the public were an animal capable of being disgusted by quackery. But ' Doubtless the pleasure is as great In being cheated as to cheat.
Page 537 - Hall ; where, in the Duke's chamber, the King came and stayed an hour or two laughing at Sir W. Petty, who was there about his boat ; and at Gresham College in general ; at which poor Petty was, I perceive, at some loss ; but did argue discreetly, and bear the unreasonable follies of the King's objections and other bystanders with great discretion ; and offered to take...
Page 535 - He would frequently tell the gentlewoman, his wife, that he should yet be captain of a king's ship; that he should come to have the command of better men than he now accounted himself, and that he would be the owner of a fair brick house in the Green Lane of North Boston, and that it may be, this would not be all that the providence of God would bring him to.

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