Miss Betty

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C. Arthur Pearson, 1898 - 202 pages
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Page 116 - The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit : a broken and contrite heart, O God, shalt Thou not despise.
Page 72 - It may be that thou wilt have need of me." "What need should I have of thee?" cried the young Fisherman, "but be it as thou wilt...
Page 153 - ... reins, but a man sat beside her and she knew him by his hands, driving the cart. She did not look in his face, for she knew without seeing, but looked instead down the road where the trees leaned over and bowed to each other and a thousand birds were singing a Mass. She felt like singing too, but she put her hand in the bosom of her dress and pulled out a rosary, and Father Connolly murmured Latin in a very solemn voice and tickled her feet. My God, will you stop that nonsense? I'ma married woman.
Page 208 - Advertiser. The Skipper's Wooing BY WW JACOBS Crown 8vo, cloth, price 35. 6d. "In 'The Skipper's Wooing,' as in 'Many Cargoes,' Mr. WW Jacobs proves himself to belong to the tribe of benefactors. The story of how Captain Wilson, master and owner of the schooner Seamfw, won the hand of Miss Annis Gething is one which few people, to use an expressive vulgarism, will be able to read
Page 209 - John of Strathbourne. A Romance of the Days of Francis I. By RD CHETWODE.
Page 207 - DETRIMENTAL." By the EARL OF DESART. THE ZONE OF FIRE. By HEADON HILL, Author of " Guilty Gold." GUILTY GOLD : A Romance of Financial Fraud and City Crime. By HEADON HILL, Author of " The Zone of Fire." LONDON C. ARTHUR PEARSON LIMITED, HENRIETTA STREET, WC LIST OF popular Str*Sbillin0 THE ARCHDEACON. By LB WALKORD, Author of " Mr. Smith,
Page 81 - He walked up and down the room two or three times, and then walked back to the open window. The August night was hot and still; the shadows of the queer old gabled roofs were sharply defined upon the moonlit pavement. The quaint cross, the low stone colonnade, the solemn towers of the cathedral, gave an ancient aspect to the quiet city. The cathedral clock...
Page 206 - A Brilliant Woman,' "A Dutch Cousin," etc. FORTUNE'S SPORT. By Mrs. CN WILLIAMSON, Author of " The Barn Stormers," etc. THE OPTIMIST. By HERBERT MORRAH, Author of "The Faithful City," etc. MORD EM'LY. By W. PETT RIDGE, Author of " Three Women and Mr. Frank Cardwell." THE INCIDENTAL BISHOP. By GRANT ALLEN, Author of " What's Bred in the Bone,
Page 207 - DETRIMENTAL." Being the True History of the Great Disappearance of 1862. Related by Several of those Implicated and Others. And now first set forth by the EARL of DESART. Crown 8vo, cloth. Price 6s. " Of its brilliance there can be no doubt. The story is quite remarkable.
Page 151 - It was, perhaps, only a natural manifestation of masculine nature, but when the conviction began to dawn upon him that he had not lost Betty's love, the supremacy of the man over the woman began unconsciously to assert itself.

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