Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

A family man suffers from money woes, a judgmental spouse and a hectoring mother. But things don't get really funny until he discovers Anne Frank living in his attic.Auslander's debut novel is a scalding, uproarious satire that rejects the idea that the Holocaust can't be mined for comedy—he just knows that a book has to be very good to pull it off. The story's hero is Solomon Kugel, an eco ... Read full review

Review: Hope: A Tragedy

Editorial Review -

The rural town of Stockton, New York, is famous for nothing: No one was born there, no one died there, nothing of any historical import at all has ever happened there, which is why Solomon Kugel, like other urbanites fleeing their pasts and histories, decided to move his wife and young son there. To begin again. To start anew. But it isn't quite working out that way. His ailing mother stubbornly ... Read full review

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