The Acts of the Apostles—Illustrated

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  The Prolonged Struggle of Supernatural Forces for Creation’s Loyalty as Revealed In— 

Vol. IV.—The Times and Ministry of the Early Christians —The Acts of the Apostles. 

Heritage Edition—Over 100 Century-Old Illustrations, 385 pages. 

This fourth volume—The Acts of the Apostles—covers the experience of the early Christian Church. While the Bible’s book of Acts covers a period of only a little more than three decades, it is filled with important lessons for the church in every age. God clearly indicates that the Christian today shall experience the presence of the same Spirit who came with power at Pentecost and fanned the gospel message into a flame. The acts of the Holy Spirit through Peter and Paul, John and James, and others can be repeated in the modern disciple. The abruptness with which the book of Acts closes is not accidental; it deliberately suggests that the thrilling narrative is unfinished, that the acts of God through the Spirit are to have their sequel throughout the Christian dispensation—each successive generation adding a chapter full of beauty and power to the one that preceded it.  


1. God’s Purpose for His Church 
2. The Training of the Twelve .
3. The Great Commission
4. Pentecost 
5. The Gift of the Spirit
6. At the Temple Gate 
7. A Warning Against Hypocrisy
8. Before the Sanhedrin 
9. The Seven Deacons
10. The First Christian Martyr
11. The Gospel In Samaria
12. From Persecutor to Disciple
13. Days of Preparation
14. A Seeker for Truth
15. Delivered From Prison
16. The Gospel Message In Antioch
17. Heralds of the Gospel
18. Preaching Among the Heathen 
19. Jew and Gentile
20. Exalting the Cross
21. In the Regions Beyond
22. Thessalonica
23. Berea and Athens 
24. Corinth
25. The Thessalonian Letters
26. Apollos at Corinth
27. Ephesus 
28. Days of Toil and Trial 
29. A Message of Warning and Entreaty
30. Called to Reach a Higher Standard 
31. The Message Heeded 
32. A Liberal Church 
33. Laboring Under Difficulties
34. A Consecrated Ministry
35. Salvation to the Jews
36. Apostasy In Galatia
37. Paul’s Last Journey to Jerusalem
38. Paul, a Prisoner
39. The Trial at Caesarea
40. Paul Appeals to Caesar
41. “Almost Thou Persuadest Me” 
42. The Voyage and Shipwreck 
43. In Rome
44. Caesar’s Household
45. Written From Rome 
46. At Liberty
47. The Final Arrest 
48. Paul Before Nero 
49. Paul’s Last Letter
50. Condemned to Die
51. A Faithful Under-Shepherd
52. Steadfast Unto the End 
53. John the Beloved
54. A Faithful Witness
55. Transformed by Grace
56. Patmos 
57. The Revelation 
58. The Church Triumphant

The Companion Volumes are:
Vol. I.—Adam & Eve Through King David’s Reign — Patriarchs and Prophets.
Vol. II.—King Solomon Until the Promised Deliverer — Prophets and Kings.
Vol. III.—The Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ — The Desire of Ages.
Vol. V.—The Christian Era Until Victory is Unanimously Achieved — The Great Controversy.

* Supernatural Revelations Explaining Past, Present, & Future *


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This edition of this widely translated and distributed book is an interactive PDF designed primarily for download and use in Adobe Reader (free software on the internet) with many features—highlighting, underlining, word and phrase search, sticky notes, select, copy, paste, print, and electronic links to chapters, pages, and illustrations.
I have found this book very informative as well as easy and enjoyable to use.

Selected pages


2 The Training of the Twelve Pg 1724
3 The Great Commission Pg 2534
4 Pentecost Pg 3546
5 The Gift of the Spirit Pg 4756
6 At the Temple Gate Pg 5769
7 A Warning Against Hypocrisy Pg 7076
8 Before the Sanhedrin Pg 7786
9 The Seven Deacons Pg 8796
31 The Message Heeded Pg 335345
32 A Liberal Church Pg 335345
33 Laboring Under Difficulties Pg 346358
34 A Consecrated Ministry Pg 359371
35 Salvation to the Jews Pg 372382
36 Apostasy In Galatia Pg 383388
37 Pauls Last Journey to Jerusalem Pg 389398
38 Paul a Prisoner Pg 399418

10 The First Christian Martyr Pg 97102
11 The Gospel in Samaria Pg 103111
12 From Persecutor to Disciple Pg 112122
13 Days of Preparation Pg 123130
14 A Seeker for Truth Pg 131142
15 Delivered From Prison Pg 143154
16 The Gospel Message In Antioch Pg 155165
17 Heralds of the Gospel Pg 166176
18 Preaching Among the Heathen Pg 177187
19 Jew and Gentile Pg 188200
20 Exalting the Cross Pg 201210
21 In the Regions Beyond Pg 211220
22 Thessalonica Pg 221230
23 Berea and Athens Pg 231242
24 Corinth Pg 243254
25 The Thessalonian Letters Pg 255268
26 Apollos at Corinth Pg 269280
27 Ephesus Pg 281290
28 Days of Toil and Trial Pg 291297
29 A Message of Warning and Entreaty Pg 298308
30 Called to Reach a Higher Standard Pg 309322
39 The Trial at Caesarea Pg 419427
40 Paul Appeals to Caesar Pg 428432
41 Almost Thou Persuadest Me Pg 433438
42 The Voyage and Shipwreck Pg 439446
43 In Rome Pg 447460
44 Caesars Household Pg 461468
45 Written From Rome Pg 469484
46 At Liberty Pg 485488
47 The Final Arrest Pg 489491
48 Paul Before Nero Pg 492497
49 Pauls Last Letter Pg 498508
50 Condemned to Die Pg 509513
51 A Faithful Undershepherd Pg 514528
52 Steadfast Unto the End Pg 529538
53 John the Beloved Pg 539545
54 A Faithful Witness Pg 546556
55 Transformed by Grace Pg 557567
56 Patmos Pg 568577
57 The Revelation Pg 578592
58 The Church Triumphant Pg 593602

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