The renowned history of the seven champions of Christendom ... and their sons [by R. Johnson].

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Thomas Allman & Son, 1862 - Saints - 366 pages
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Page 366 - The World to Come; or, Discourses on the joys or sorrows of departed Souls at death, and the glory and terror of the Resurrection.
Page 179 - The magician caused by his art, a spirit in the likeness of a lady, of a marvellous and fair beauty, to look through an iron grate, who seemed to lean her faire face upon her white hand very pensively, and distilled from her crystal eyes great abundance of tears, etc.
Page 235 - Sylvester bishop of ftome," and also " Some letters of John Huss," written from his prison at Constance to the Bohemians. In this manner he was employed till his death, which happened in 1546. That year, accompanied by Melancthon, he paid a visit to his own country, which he had not seen for many years, and returned again in safety. But soon after he was called thither again by the earls of, to compose some differences which had arisen about their boundaries.
Page 234 - Pagan's power, that seeks to overrun all Christian kingdoms, and to wash our Cambrian fields with innocent blood. To arms ! I say, brave followers ; I will be the first to give death the onset ; and for my colours or ensign do I wear upon my burgonet, you see, a green leek beset with gold, which shall, if we win the victory, hereafter be an honour to Wales ; and on this day, being the first of March, be it for ever worn by the Welshmen in remembrance hereof.
Page 68 - Now. Sabra, I have by this sufficiently proved thy true virginitie: for it is the nature of a lion, be be never so furious, not to barme the unspotted virgin, but humbly to lay his bristled head upon a maiden's lap.
Page 344 - He caused him to be trimmed with a sumptuous saddle of tawny* and gold enamel, enriched with precious stones. His furniture* was made into the fashion of the branches of a tree from which the leaves were falling; and so artificially were the leaves made that, as the horse moved, it seemed indeed that the leaves wagged as when the wind plays with them...
Page 242 - ... to put the adventure in trial, and either to free his country from so great danger, or to finish his days in the attempt; so taking leave of his sons, and the rest there present, he rode forward with as noble a spirit as he did in Egypt, when he there combated with the burning dragon.
Page viii - I will not boast of eloquence nor invention, thereby to invite thy willingness to read : only thy courtesy must be my buckler against the carping malice of mocking jesters, that being worse able to do well, scoff commonly at that they cannot mend, censuring all things, doing nothing, but (monkey-like) make apish jests at anything they see in print : and nothing pleaseth them, except it savour of a scoffing and invective spirit.
Page 365 - You : showing how the Christian is Blessed with all Spiritual Blessings in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus.
Page 328 - Phalantus is armed and set upon a horse milk-white, but that upon his shoulders and withers he was freckled with red stain, as when a few strawberries are scattered into a dish of cream.

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