The Three-fold Commonwealth

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Threefold commonwealth publishing association, 1922 - Anthroposophy - 206 pages

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Page 206 - of no neutrals. Here, there must be but one human race working at one common task, willing to read the signs of the times and to act in accordance with them.
Page 195 - blame." The fact that many nationalities went to compose the fabric of her State, might well seem to have made it AustriaHungary's mission in the world's history to lead the way in evolving a healthy form of social order. The mission was not
Page xx - The spiritual life has matured to freedom within the framework of the state; but it cannot rightly enjoy and exercise this freedom unless it is granted complete self-government. The whole character assumed by the spiritual life requires that
Page 13 - of things the man was thrown back upon himself, upon his own inner life, whenever he tried to find some principle on
Page xxvii - once solved, will remain solved. It is an integral part of our new civilised life; and it has come to stay. It will have to be solved afresh for each moment of the world's historic evolution. For man's life has entered with this new age upon a phase, when what starts by being a social institution turns ever and again into something
Page xxvii - social question" is not a thing that has cropped up at this particular point in the life of man, which can be solved straight away by a handful of people, or by parliaments, and,
Page xxiii - are specially directed to the service of the State or of the economic world.—Law-schools, Tradesschools, Agricultural and Industrial Colleges, would all take their form from the free spiritual life. Many prejudices are bound to be aroused, when the principles stated in this book are pursued to these, their right consequences. But from what do such prejudices proceed? The antisocial spirit in them becomes evident,
Page 53 - From now on, it is necessary that the individual should be trained to have a healthy sense of how the forces of the body social must work in order for it to live.
Page 152 - It is a curious thing:—in purely external matters, people are ready enough to see the advantage of a division of labour. They do not expect a tailor to

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