The Register of arts, and journal of patent inventions, ed. by L. Herbert

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Page 36 - Six ounces of shell-lac, coarsely pounded, are to be dissolved by gentle heat in a pint of spirits of wine. To this is to be added a bleaching liquor, made by dissolving purified carbonate of potash, and then impregnating it with chlorine gas, till the silica precipitates, and the solution becomes slightly coloured.
Page 349 - AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF SUB-WAYS IN THE BRITISH METROPOLIS, For the Flow of pure Water and Gas into the Houses of the Inhabitants without disturbing the Pavements; including the Projects in 1824 and 1825.— By JOHN WILLIAMS, Patentee,
Page 57 - If, therefore, the vessel should touch the ground, so as to endanger the rudder, this segment would slide into the recess, and thereby avoid the blow and fall out again, to restore the length of the rudder when clear of the ground. The large silver medal of the Society of Arts was presented to Mr.
Page 6 - the other end of the recoiling spring is hooked on the barrel pulley. Figs. 1 and 8 show the impendent, made of the same metal as the case; it turns freely on a piece of steel g, fig. 8: this steel arbor has a small knob on one end
Page 304 - experiments on the temperature of mines and sources of hot springs, render it probable that the interior of the globe being composed of fluid matter, offers a still more simple solution of the phenomena of volcanic fires."-—Philo. Transactions.
Page 370 - retort, other vapours or gases will be generated, which combining or mixing with the carburettcd hydrogen gas, a chemical action will take place, whereby the gas while in the retort, and during its passage through the refrigerator, will become partly purified, or will be so rendered as to be more easily acted upon in its passage through
Page 303 - this, when thoroughly done, will kill or banish the insects for ever, without at all hurting the plant.—Gardener's Magazine. ANNUAL CONSUMPTION OP LONDON.—The number of oxen annually consumed in London has been estimated at 110,000, calves 50,000, sheep 770,000, lambs 250,000, hogs and pigs 200,000, besides animals of other kinds.
Page 126 - VIRTUES OF THE SPIDER'S WEB.—Dr. Jackson, in his work on fever, pronounces that the web of the spider prevents the recurrence of febrile paroxysms more effectually than bark or arsenic, or any other remedy employed for that purpose. It is administered in pills of 5 grains each every fourth or fifth hour, the patient being previously prepared by the usual
Page 166 - It is curious to observe that the same object seems to have occupied the attention of Nicholson, Donkin and Bacon, and myself, viz. the revolution of the form of types. Nicholson sought to do this by a new kind of type shaped like the stones of an arch. Donkin
Page 283 - The improvement of discovery consists in preparing straw, hay, or other vegetable substances for the manufacturer of paper in the following manner. Take any quantity of straw, hay, or other vegetable substances, and boil it in a solution of salts of ley, pot, or pearl ash, or other alkali, or lime, in the following proportions,

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