New Secretary's Manual: A Compendium of Forms, Instruction, and Legal Information for Secretaries of Corporations and Others

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The author, 1899 - Secretaries - 253 pages
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Page 209 - Each director, when appointed or elected, shall take an oath that he will, so far as the duty devolves on him, diligently and honestly administer the affairs of such association, and will not knowingly violate, or willingly permit to be violated, any of the provisions of this Title...
Page 217 - States, do hereby constitute and appoint , my true and lawful attorney, for me, and in my name...
Page 190 - York, the sum of dollars in gold coin of the United States, of the present standard of weight and fineness...
Page 90 - For a violation of the provisions of this section, the directors under whose administration the same may have happened (except those who may have caused their dissent therefrom to be entered at large on the minutes of the directors at the time, or were not present when the same did happen) are, in their individual or private capacity, jointly and severally liable to the corporation, and to the creditors thereof...
Page 57 - The amount of its capital stock and the number of shares into which the same shall be divided.
Page 160 - If organized with capital stock, the amount of such stock and the number of shares into which it is divided and the par value thereof.
Page 123 - ... a sufficient number to form a board for the transaction of business ; and every decision of a majority of the persons duly assembled as a board, shall be valid as a corporate act.
Page 203 - There is no principle better established in this court, nor one founded on more solid considerations of equity and public utility, than that which declares, that if one man, knowingly, though he does it passively, by looking on, suffers another to purchase and expend money on land, under an erroneous opinion of title, without making known his claim, he shall not afterwards be permitted to exercise his legal right against such person. It would be an act of fraud and injustice, and his conscience is...
Page 237 - Company, a corporation duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of California, and having its principal place of business in the city and county of San Francisco...
Page 90 - To divide, withdraw, or in any manner pay to the stockholders, or any of them, any part of the capital stock of the corporation; or to reduce such capital stock without the consent of the legislature; or 3.

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