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Reviewed August 2003
Caspian needed to read this book for summer reading and he hated it, said a German brochure had a better plot. I had read this book 20+ years ago and it had left little
impression on me. So I gave it another try, so I would be able to discuss it with Caspian. I read this mainly on the airplane to/from the Toolbox. Salinger does and wonderful job describing people, his descriptions of his history teacher Mr. Spencer, Sister Phoebe, the nuns and other random people are excellent. You feel like you have just bumped into these people and shared a moment with them.
The stories of Artie, his brother as well as the boy who threw himself out the window cause he was being bullied were just haunting. His description of Jane as a frustrated love interest is wonderful.
I think the real problem with the story is that I really didn't like Holden Caulfield, I didn't identify with his character at all. He spends most of his time complaining that everyone is a phony when he is the biggest phony of them all.
In a way this book reminded me of Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio". I understand that "Catcher in the Rye" is considered a classic an is #64 on the 100 best English Language Novels of the 20th century. As Mike and Caspian informed me this book is a staple in the movie, "Conspiracy Theory" The main character had to always have a copy near him and he owned 50+ copies of the book.
I think I will look around the Internet to see what the fuss is about this book.

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