Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, Volume 10

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Cambridge University Press for the Royal Asiatic Society, 1847 - Asia
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Page 306 - to mankind, who has made Xerxes King, both the King of the people and the law-giver of the people. (2) I am Xerxes the King, the great King, the King of Kings, the King of the many peopled countries, the supporter also of this great world, the son of King Darius, the
Page ix - I. Par. 1. I am Darius, the great King, the King of Kings, the King of Persia, the King of (the dependent) provinces, the son of Hystaspes, the grandson of Arsames, the
Page x - 12. Says Darius the King:—That crown, or empire, of which Gomates, the Magian, dispossessed Cambyses, that crown had been in our family from the olden time. After Gomates the Magian had dispossessed Cambyses of Persia and Media and the dependent provinces, he did according to his desire, he became king.
Page xv - attack that province which does not acknowledge me." Then Dadarses marched with his forces; he joined battle with the Margians. Ormazd brought help to me; by the grace of Ormazd my troops entirely defeated the rebel army. On the 23rd day of the month Atriyatiya, then it was the battle was thus fought by them.
Page xiii - 8. Says Darius the King:—For the second time the rebels, having collected, returned before Dadarses arraying battle. The fort of Armenia named Tigra, there they engaged. Ormazd brought help to me; by the grace of Ormazd, my troops entirely defeated that rebel army. On the 18th day of the month of
Page xix - tablet and these figures, thou mayest not dishonour them; and if from injury thou shalt preserve them, (?) may Ormazd be a friend to thee, and may thy offspring be numerous, and mayest thou be long lived; and that which thou mayest do may Ormazd bless for thee in aftertimes.
Page xi - 14. Says Darius the King:—The crown that had been wrested from our race, that I recovered, I established it firmly; as in the days of old; thus I did. The rites which Gomates the Magian had introduced, I prohibited. I reinstituted for the state the sacred
Page xiv - 13. Says Darius the King:—Then that Phraortes, with the horsemen who were faithful to him, fled from thence to the district of Media, named Rhages. Subsequently I despatched forces in pursuit, by whom Phraortes was taken and brought before me. I cut off both his nose and ears and his lips, (?) and I brought him to
Page lxxv - I found that the characters coincided throughout, except in certain particular groupes, and it was only reasonable to suppose that the groupes which were thus brought out and individualized must represent proper names. I further remarked, that there were but three of these distinct groupes in the two inscriptions; for the
Page 170 - to me') ; (3) by the grace of Ormazd they have become subject to me ; (4) they have brought tribute to me. (5) That which has been said to them by me, both by night and by day, it has been performed (by them.)

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