An abridged history of France; also a table of the sovereigns of England. To which is added a collection of words derived from foreign languages. By a religious of Loretto convent, Navan

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Page 179 - Jocasta, and king of Thebes, who solved the riddle of the Sphinx, unwittingly killed his father, married his mother, and at last ran mad, and tore out his eyes...
Page 181 - Sta'ta, a goddess of grown persons. Stcn'tar, a Grecian, whose voice is reported to have been as strong and as loud as the voices of 50 men together. Sthe'no, one of the three Gorgons. Styx, a river of hell.
Page 176 - Her'mes, a name of Mercury, Her'mcR, statutes of Mercury. flermt'one, a daughter of Mars and Venus, married to Cadmus; also a daughter of Menelaus and Helena, married to Pyrrhus.
Page 181 - Telem'achus, the only son of Ulysses Tem'pe, a most beautiful valley in Thessaly, the resort of the gods Terminus, the god of boundaries Terpslch'ore, the muse of music, &c.
Page 186 - The eldest sons of knights, and their eldest sons in perpetual succession. 2. The eldest sons of younger sons of peers, and their eldest sons in like perpetual succession; both which species of esquires Sir Henry Spelman entitles armigeri natalitii.
Page 178 - LIBITI'NA, the goddess of funerals. LI'NUS, son of Apollo and Terpsichore. LUBENTIA, the goddess of pleasure. LU'CIFER, son of Jupiter and Aurora, made the morning star. LU'NA, Diana's name in heaven.
Page 176 - Candaules, and married Gyges; also a shepherd, who, by means of a ring, could render himself invisible...
Page 177 - Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who, flying with his father out of Crete into Sicily, and soaring too high, melted the wax of his wings, and fell into the sea, wjience called the Icarian sea.
Page 184 - Hhd. Hogshead. HM Her or His Majesty. Inst. Instant; present month JP Justice of the Peace. Knt. Knight. KG Knight of the Garter. KB Knight of the Bath. KCB Knight Commander of the Bath.
Page 98 - Apogason, apogee, or apogeum, " a point in the heavens, in which the sun, or a planet, is at the greatest distance possible from the earth in its whole revolution.

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