Journal of the New York Entomological Society, Volume 6

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Allen Press, 1898 - Electronic journals
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Page 150 - Or GOODS FOR ENTOMOLOGISTS, Klaeger and Carlsbad Insect Pins, Setting Boards, Folding Nets, Locality and Special Labels, Forceps, Sheet Cork, Etc. Other articles are being added. Send for List Lepidoptera for Sale and Exchange.
Page 150 - ... printed, and is exceedingly valuable. The collection of the Transactions of foreign Academies is undoubtedly the most complete in this country. The society have also a collection of objects of natural history, consisting principally of minerals and fossil remains. The meetings of the society are held on the first and third Fridays of every month, from October to May, both inclusive ; and on the third Friday of the other four months. On the other Friday evenings, the rooms are opened for the purpose...
Page 202 - The needs and demands of your and our armed services can only be determined in the light of the full knowledge of the many factors which must be taken into consideration in the decisions that we make. In order that all of us may be in a position to arrive at speedy decisions as to the apportionment of our joint resources, we suggest that we prepare for a meeting to be held at Moscow, to which we would send high representatives who could discuss these matters directly with...
Page 262 - TAXIDERMIST AND DEALER IN ENTOMOLOGICAL SUPPLIES Fine Carlsbader Insect Pins a specialty. Pricelist sent on application. 78 Ashland Place, Improved Entomological Forceps. Brooklyn, NT A.
Page 228 - I can reach, as the result of my studies thus far, is that it is not safe to draw any conclusion at all. The vital point upon which the whole of Megnin's theory of the fauna of exposed cadavers turns, is that the various insects appear in distinct "squads," at definite and specified periods of cadaveric decomposition, and that they succeed each other in regular order.
Page 79 - ... one-half longer than wide, nearly two and one-half times as long as the prothorax and...
Page 84 - Elytra three-fifths wider than the prothorax and nearly two and one-half times as long...
Page 87 - ... sinus and broadly rounded angles ; base almost truncate, with obtuse angles ; surface minutely, rather sparsely punctulate, more strongly but still not very closely so laterally, the marginal bead extremely fine, only slightly arcuate at base ; scutellum moderate, polished ; elytra not quite one-half longer than wide, two and one-half times as long as the prothorax...
Page 195 - DAVIS, preliminary list of the dragonflies of Staten island, with notes and dates of capture, JN York ent.
Page 63 - Elytra % longer than wide, a little more than twice as long as the prothorax and...

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