McGraw Electric Railway Manual, Volume 15

Front Cover
Frederic Nicholas
McGraw Publishing Company, 1908 - Investments

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Page 162 - A" Common Stock, the deficiency shall be fully paid, but without interest, before any dividend shall be paid upon, or set apart for the Class "B
Page 238 - Jersey, or of any other state, including corporations which own, operate or lease, or which are organized for the purpose of constructing, owning, operating or leasing, street surface railroads, elevated railroads, rapid transit railroads, underground railroads, tunnels, bridges, tunnel railroads, railway terminals or railroads of any character or description in the City of...
Page 51 - Paso for an injunction, it was alleged, among other things, that if certain bonds were issued, the complainant would be compelled to pay taxes on its property for the interest on the bonds and to provide a sinking fund for the principal thereof, but the amount of the tax that would...
Page 49 - City Railway system, in each year, after the third year. The Companies also agree, under certain conditions named in the ordinances, to construct whatever additional extensions ma.y be required by the City Council. The Companies agree, upon demand of the City and at the City's option, to furnish funds, to the amount of $5,000,000, for the construction of a central subway, to be built and owned by the City, the plans for which are to be approved by the Board of Supervising Engineers. The Companies...
Page 49 - ... rehabilitation and extensions. The fare for one continuous ride within the city is to be five cents. The net profits from the operation of the street railways are to be divided between the city and the companies in the ratio of fifty-five per cent to the city and forty-five per cent to the companies. The ordinances provide for a comprehensive system of transfers and through routes, by means of which passengers can ride over all connecting lines within the city limits. The companies agree, upon...
Page 240 - January 1, 1909. t$150.000 of these bonds have been retired and are held in the investment account of the Metropolitan Street Railway Company.
Page 49 - ... its equipment, the Companies are obligated to supply additional funds for these purposes. The ordinances provide for a comprehensive system of transfers and through routes, by means of which passengers can ride over all connecting lines, within the city limits. covered by the Chicago Union Traction system, the Chicago City Railway system, the Chicago Consolidated system and the Chicago General Railway system, for a single fare. in any one general direction. Twenty-one through routes over the...
Page 243 - Description of Road and Equipment. — • Sixth avenue and 59th street to Broadway, at Canal and at Vesey streets, 9.27 miles; Lenox avenue from 110th street to 147th street, 3.62...
Page 184 - OF BOARD OP DIRECTORS. John A. Fisher, Nashua, NH ; John P. Goggin, Nashua, NH ; Joseph H. Goodspeed, Boston, Mass.; Patrick F. Sullivan, Lowell, Mass.; George A. Fernald, Boston, Mass. We hereby certify that the statements contained in the foregoing report are full, just, and true. JOHN A. FISHER. President. JH GOODSPEED, Treasurer. EC FOSTER, General Manager.
Page 50 - The books and accounts of the companies are to be kept according to forms subject to the approval of the City Comptroller, and are subject to the inspection of the city's accountants at all times. The companies are required to make sworn annual reports to the city, and there is provision for an annual audit of their books by public accountants.

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