Scotish Poems: The three tailes of the three priests of Peblis. The palice of honour. Squire Meldrum

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John Pinkerton
J. Nichols, 1792 - Scottish poetry
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Page 155 - He was ane munzeoun for ane dame, Meik in chalmer lyk ane lame, Bot in the feild ane campioun Rampand lyke ane wyld lyoun ; Weill practikit with speir and scheild, And with the formest in the feild.
Page 171 - With the best wyne that he could waill. And quhen the schip was reddie maid, He lay bot ane day in the raid, Quhill he gat wind of the southeist, Than thay thair ankeris weyit on haist ; And syne maid saill, and fordwart past, Ane day at morne, till at the last Of ane greit saill thay gat ane sicht ; And Phoebus schew his bemis bricht, Into the morning richt airlie.
Page 15 - That is to say, Quhairfoir and quhy In auld times and days of ancestry, Sa monie Bishops war, and men of kirk, Sa grit wil had ay gude warkes to wirk. And throw thair prayers, maid to God of micht, The dum men spak ; the blind men gat their...
Page 9 - To beir his pak, quhen that he feillit force, He bocht ful sone ane mekil stalwart hors. And at the last so worthelie up wan, He bocht ane cart to carie pot and pan ; Baith Flanders coffers, with counters and kist ; He wox ane grand rich man or anie wist.
Page 183 - And sone into his armis hir braist, And said to hir, Madame, gude-morne, Help me your man, that is forlorne : Without ye mak me sum remeid, Withouttin dout, I am bot deid; Quhairfoir ye mon relief my harmes. With that he hint hir in his armes, And talkit with hir on the flure, Syne quyetlie did bar the dure. Squyer...
Page 9 - EXCELLENT, hie, richt michty prince, and King! Your hienes heir wald faine wit of this thing, Quhy burges bairnis thryvis not to the thrid air; Can never thryve bot of al baggis is bair. And ever mair that is for to...
Page 23 - Better was ftil thay fleis, than ikarrit away ; For gif fa be the fleis away ye fkar ; Than efter them cums hungriar be far. Thairfoir war better let them be, but dout, For the full fleis halds the hungrie out. The hungrie flie, that never had been thair, Scho fouks the mans wound fa wonder fair ; And quhen the fleis ar ful than byde thay ftil, And flops the hungrie beis to cum thairtil. Bot...
Page 21 - Ane cow of birks into his hand had he, TO keip than weil his face fra midge and fle. For than war monie fleand up and doun, Throw kynd of yeir, and hait of that regioun. Sa luikit he ane lytil by the way, He faw the woundit man, quhair that he lay.
Page 108 - ... vppermair I micht, And to discend, sa hiddeous was the hicht, I durst not auenture for this eird on breid. Trimbland I stude, with teith chatterand gude speid. 1330 My Nymphe beheld my cheir and said, " let be. Thow sail nocht aill, and lo, the caus,
Page 24 - Syne efter that far hungrier cummis than. And thus gait ay the puir folk ar at under : This world to fink for fin quhat is it wonder ? Thairfoir now, be this exampil we may fe, That ane new fervant is lyke ane hungrie fle. Than, quod the King, quhat fay ye to our fule/ Suppois that he had...

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