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ing evidence, that neither youth, nor beauty, nor pleasing worldly prospects, can screen from the attacks of pale, putrid, mortal disease; or deliver out of the hands of our last enemy. What shall I say? Ye have heard, from the lips of a dying saint, what a glorious support the gospel affords a behever, in the most trying hour; and what a prospect it opens to the real Christian, of a blissful immortality. Yes, ye have seen, that the grace of God and the gospel of Christ, inspire with courage and elevate with joy, when all that the world can afford is not able to yield the least support; even when life itself is expiring. What think you now of religion? What think you now of dying? Remember, this event has a voice to you: and what is its import? Why it cries, yea, it cries in your ears, Be ye also ready.

To conclude: As our departed sister was the only daughter, the dear and only child, of her surviving parents; does not this event inform us all, By what a precarious tenure we hold our dearest earthly comforts ? Most certainly. The language of a Sovereign God, in such dispensations, is, “ Be ready to give up your dearest enjoyments, whenever I shall call for them. Be still, and know that I am Jehovah, and will be obeyed.—But though it be a cutting stroke, to part with an only child, in the very prime of life; yet if, as in the case before us, the surviving parents have reason to conclude, that their child is gone to glory, it is a noble alleviation of the great affliction. The thought of that boundless bliss cheers the mourning heart, and chides the flowing tear, of the christian parent. And though the bodies of the saints are reduced to deep dis.. honour, when laid in the dreary sepulchre; yet that disgrace is but temporary. For the time is coming, when all the dishonours they have suffered in the grave shall be wiped away for ever.-Rest, then, ye dear remains of the amiable deceased; rest undisturbed, till the morning of the resurrection! Then ye

shall be raised, re-animated, and formed like the glorious body of the ascended Redeemer ;-bright, as the wings of angels, and incorruptible as the everlasting inheritance.

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Who departed this life, August 5, 1776, in the 31st year of his age.

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Many and various, solenin and striking, are those warnings which the eternal Sovereign gives us of our approaching end. He speaks to us in his word; he speaks in the course of his providence; and his language is, Be ye ready. But, alas, how little are the generality of mankind disposed to regard the voice of God! How little concerned to lay up treasure in heaven, to have their hearts detached from the world, and to be found in Christ, without spot and blameless.

At the tomb of a departed friend, various of the inost serious and interesting truths are suggested to our minds. A grave, when beheld in the light of divine revelation, is big, with instruction. It reads us a lecture in the most emphatical style, on subjects of the greatest importance. It solicits, it demands our attention to those things which reason, which conscience, which God himself declares, of the highest possible moment to all the human race.

When looking into a grave, we can scarcely help reflecting on the shortness of time. Yes, niy fellow mortals, in our present situation, if not sunk into brutal stupidity, we can hardly avoid adopting the language of Moses: So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. For we cannot but subscribe the declarations of that venera

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