The Monist, Volume 15

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Open Court, 1905 - Philosophy
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Page 25 - And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, He shall be called a Nazarene.
Page 161 - Consider what effects that might conceivably have practical bearings you conceive the object of your conception to have. Then your conception of those effects is the WHOLE of your conception of the object.
Page 577 - Thy beams of light upon me most strongly, and I trembled with love and awe : and I perceived myself to be far off from Thee, in the region of unlikeness, as if I heard this Thy voice from on high: 'I am the food of grown men; grow, and thou shalt feed upon Me; nor shalt thou convert Me, like the food of thy flesh, into thee, but thou shalt be converted into Me.
Page 642 - There is no similar journal in the field of scientific philosophy. It is identified with no philosophical tradition, and stands preeminently for the correlation of philosophy with the problems and experience of the present. The contents of recent numbers include A Study of Purpose HOWARD C.
Page 161 - THE METAPHYSIC OF EXPERIENCE. Book I. General Analysis of Experience ; Book II. Positive Science ; Book III. Analysis of Conscious Action ; Book IV. The Real Universe. 4 vols. 8vo, 36s.
Page 321 - An Illustrated Monthly Magazine Devoted to the Science of Religion, The Religion of Science and the Extension of The Religious Parliament Idea THE OPEN COURT is a popular magazine discussing the deepest questions of life.
Page 4 - Suppose we have before us any machine; the initial wheel work and the final wheel work alone are visible, but the transmission, the intermediary machinery by which the movement is communicated from one to the other, is hidden in the interior and escapes our view; we do not know whether the communication is made by gearing or by belts, by connecting-rods or by other contrivances.
Page 169 - Let this proposition be a general conditional proposition as to the future, and it is a real general such as is calculated really to influence human conduct; and such the pragmaticist holds to be the rational purport of every concept. Accordingly, the pragmaticist does not make the summum bonum to consist in action, but makes it to consist in that process of evolution whereby the existent comes more and more to embody those generals which were just now said to be destined, which is what we strive...
Page 481 - If we desire to rescue the good ship Philosophy for the service of Science from the hands of lawless rovers of the sea of literature...
Page 2 - ... of great magnitude, but separated by such immense distances that they appear to us as material points ; these points attract each other in the inverse ratio of the squares of their distances, and this attraction is the only force which affects their motion. But if our senses were keen enough to show us all the details of the bodies which the physicist studies, the spectacle thus disclosed would hardly differ from the one which the astronomer contemplates. There too we should see material points...

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