Journal of a Lady's Travels Round the World

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J. Murray, 1883 - Travel in literature - 413 pages

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Page 350 - No money shall be drawn from the treasury for the benefit of any religious or theological institution.
Page 413 - Then sawest thou that this fair Universe, were it in .the meanest province thereof, is in very deed the star-domed City of God; that through every star, through every grass-blade, and most through every Living Soul, the glory of a present God still beams.
Page 265 - Is there one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one's life?' The Master said, 'Is not RECIPROCITY such a word? What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.
Page 350 - No person shall be rendered incompetent as a witness or juror in consequence of his opinions on matters of religion, nor be questioned in any court of justice touching his religious belief, to affect the weight of his testimony.
Page 108 - They have also in this country plenty of fine woollens and other stuffs, and many kinds of spices are produced there which are never seen in our country. Among this people, too, you find the best enchanters and astrologers that exist in all that quarter of the world ; they perform such extraordinary marvels and sorceries by diabolic art, that it astounds one to see or even hear of them.
Page 60 - Burgess was instantly shot dead in the attempt. Sergeant Carmichael then advanced, took up the port-fire, and succeeded in the attempt, but immediately fell, mortally wounded. Sergeant Smith, seeing him fall, advanced at a run, but, finding that the fuse was already burning, threw himself down into the ditch, where the bugler had already conveyed poor Salkeld. In another moment a terrific explosion shattered the massive gate.
Page 171 - WORK while you work, Play while you play, That is the way To be cheerful and gay, All that you do, Do with your might ; Things done by halves Are never done right.
Page 223 - The great dragon succeeded in deceiving — deceiving unto death. How do they say it was done? A yellow fruit took the great dragon, and gave to the children of God. A white fruit took the great dragon, and gave to the daughter and son of God. They transgressed the commands of God, and God turned his face from them. They transgressed the commands of God, and God turned away from them.
Page 186 - Sumagadha, expecting to see some of the saints, like Sariputra, Maudgalyayana, and others, ran out full of joy. But when she saw these friars with their hair like pigeon wings, covered by nothing but dirt, offensive, and looking like demons, she became sad. "Why are you sad?

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