Among the Boers; Or, Notes of a Trip to South Africa in Search of Health

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Remington & Company, 1880 - Afrikaners - 322 pages
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Page 91 - Through a long series of years the Kafirs had an ample justification of the war ; they had to resent, and endeavoured justly, though impotently, to avenge a series of encroachments ; they had a perfect right to hazard the experiment, however hopelessly, of extorting by force that redress which they could not otherwise obtain ; and that the original justice is on the side of the conquered (the Kafi/s), and not (of) the victorious party!!
Page 281 - If would even seem possible that, after all, it is not indeed elevation and rarefaction of air, but simply plenty of fresh air and exercise, which are the great agents in the cure of phthisis.
Page 223 - And all the king's horses and all the king's men Could not put Humpty Dumpty together again.
Page 110 - Bepublic were alike exhausted ; the cruel policy of the Boers towards the natives, and the inherent rottenness of the whole fabric of the Government, were fast bringing the nation to grief. ... A million natives were pressing round the borders. Ketchawayo, the Zulu king, threatened to harry the country. The Government was without funds. The country was flooded with adventurers of the worst class, the people were without union, and everything was in disorder.
Page 105 - ... the treaty of Thaba Bosigo." He had therefore written to Moshesh that the war would be prosecuted with vigour until the murderers of Bush and Krynauw were delivered to the Free State and the annexed territory cleared of the Basuto. As the second article of the Convention of the 23rd of February 1854 stated that Her Majesty's Government had no wish or intention to enter thereafter into any treaties to the north of the Orange River...
Page 49 - time whereof the memory of man runneth not to the contrary ;
Page 278 - Consumption: Its Treatment by Climate. With reference especially to the Health Resorts of the South African Colonies.
Page 268 - There were a number of crenellated loopholes in the walls, and a few hours' work would have reconverted the house into a tolerable fort. The barricades had been removed in consequence of the presence of a large body of Fingoes in the neighbourhood, who had been sent there to hunt up the Kaffirs who were still lurking in the fastnesses of the mountains.

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