The picture of London, for 1802

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Page 177 - mechanical inventions and improvements, and for teaching, by courses of philosophical lectures and experiments, the application of science to the common purposes of life. The government of the
Page 13 - and downwards from Cannon-street to the water-side. It raged in a bright flame all Monday and Tuesday ; but on the evening of the latter day, the fire meeting with brick buildings at the Temple, by little and little it was observed to lose its force on that side,
Page 224 - without character, without friends, without money, without resource; and wretched, indeed, is their situation ! To such, especially, this house of refuge opens wide its doors ; and, instead of being driven by despair to lay violent hands on themselves, and to superadd the crime of self-murder to that guilt which is the cause of their distress,
Page 170 - members, and legacies bequeathed. The register of the premiums and bounties they have given will shew the great advantages which the public has derived from this society. The meetings are held every Wednesday, at seven o'clock in the evening, from the fourth Wednesday in October to the first Wednesday in June. The several committees
Page 13 - the city, dreadful as it was to the inhabitants at that time, was productive of consequences which made ample amends for the losses sustained by individuals : a new city arose on the ruins of the old; but though more regular, open, convenient, and healthful than the former, yet it by no means
Page 160 - In the treasury chamber of the Middle Temple is preserved a great quantity of armour, which belonged to the Knights Templars, consisting of helmets, breast, and back pieces, together with several pikes, a halberd, and two very beautiful shields, with iron spikes in their centres, of the length of
Page 198 - side the arch which terminate* the top of this picture, are angels of statuary marble, as large as life, by Bacon; one bearing the cross, the other the emblems of the Eucharist.. In the segment between the great cornice and the ceiling, is a painting of
Page 431 - The HISTORY of ENGLAND, in a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his Son, (commonly
Page 154 - Stroud, in the county of Kent. This corporation was founded in 1515, by Henry VIII. It consists of a master, four wardens, eight assistants, and eighteen elder brethren, in whom is the direction of the company; and an indefinite number of
Page 65 - supporting a grand pediment; the whole resting on an elevated base, the ascent to which is by a flight of twenty-two square steps of black marble, running the entire length of the portico. The portico at the northern entrance, consists of a dome, supported by six Corinthian columns, with an ascent of twelve circular

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