Mach 3+ NASA USAF YF-12 flight research 1969-1979

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Page 45 - A technique of fitting a curve close to some given points which minimizes the sum of the squares of the deviations of the given points from the curve.
Page 85 - Instrumentation for In-Flight Determination of Steady-State and Dynamic Inlet Performance in Supersonic Aircraft , Instrumentation for Airbreathing Propulsion.
Page 81 - A Mathematical Model of an Active Control Landing Gear for Load Control During Impact and Roll-Out.
Page 81 - Sonic-Boom Measurements for SR-71 Aircraft Operating at Mach Numbers to 3.0 and Altitudes to 24 384 Meters.
Page 75 - Comparison of Estimated with Measured Maximum Instantaneous Distortion Using Flight Data from an Axisymmetric Mixed Compression Inlet.
Page 75 - Berry, Donald T.; and Gilyard, Glenn B.: Airframe/Propulsion System Interactions — An Important Factor in Supersonic Aircraft Flight Control . AIAA Paper 73-831, Aug.
Page 24 - Askania (a trade name) = cine-theodolite. aspect ratio. The ratio of the square of the span of an airfoil to the total airfoil area, or the ratio of its span to its mean chord. An airfoil of high aspect ratio is of relatively long span and short chord; one of low aspect ratio is of relatively short span and long chord.
Page 77 - Continuous-Output Terminal-Shock-Position Sensor for Mixed-Compression Inlets Evaluated in Wind-Tunnel Tests of YF-12 Aircraft Inlet.
Page 79 - Fabrication Methods for YF-12 Wing Panels for the Supersonic Cruise Aircraft Research Program.
Page 80 - Local Flow Measurements at the Inlet Spike Tip of a Mach 3 Supersonic Cruise Airplane.

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