Locomotive dictionary: an illustrated vocabulary of terms which designate American railroad locomotives their parts attachments and details of construction with definitions and illustrations of typical British locomotive practice

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N.K. Gregg, 1906 - Cars and car building - 523 pages
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Page 63 - A device for indicating the pressure in a boiler or air reservoir. Usually placed in the cab and illuminated by a gage lamp. Three gages are commonly mounted in a locomotive cab to indicate boiler steam pressure, train line steam heat pressure, and brake pipe and main reservoir air pressure. Pressure Head (Brake Cylinder). The head that covers the end of the brake cylinder into which air pressure is admitted when the brakes are applied. Pressure Regulator (Gold's Car Heating). Fig. 3164. ( A valve...
Page 77 - For all plates ordered to gauge, there will be permitted an average excess of weight over that corresponding to the dimensions on the order, equal in amount to that specified in the following table: TABLE OF ALLOWANCES FOR OVERWEIGHT FOR RECTANGULAR PLATES WHEN ORDERED TO GAUGE.
Page 76 - Two cold bending specimens and two quenched bending specimens will be furnished from each melt of rivet rounds. The homogeneity test for firebox steel shall be made on one of the broken tensile test specimens.
Page 63 - Pressure Retaining Valve. A device by means of which a certain part of the brake cylinder pressure may be retained to aid in retarding the acceleration of a train in descending long grades while the brake pipe pressure is increased after one application to recharge the auxiliary reservoirs. It is controlled by a small handle, the position of which causes it to operate or not, as desired.
Page 77 - ... per cent. below the theoretical weight; when 100 inches wide and over 5 per cent. above or 5 per cent. below the theoretical weight.
Page 77 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have all reasonable facilities afforded to him by the manufacturer to satisfy him that the finished material is furnished in accordance with these specifications. All tests and inspections shall be made at the place of manufacture prior to shipment.
Page 66 - A resistance used in connection with the controller for limiting the current taken by the motors during acceleration. Usually consists of a number of iron grids or strips of iron ribbon properly connected together and packed in a substantial frame, the whole being mounted in groups along the sides and near the ends of the cab of the locomotive.
Page 51 - If it differs from that which obtained at the beginning, an estimated allowance must be made for such difference. At the close of the test the height of water in the boiler should be the same as at the beginning, or, if not, the difference, corrected for inclination of the boiler, should be allowed for. During the process of weighing the coal into the sacks numerous samples should be obtained and placed in a covered box, and a final sample of these selected. This is to be dried and subjected to chemical...
Page 94 - The wheel shall be placed flange downward on an anvil block weighing not less than seventeen hundred (1,700) pounds, set on rubble masonry at least two feet deep, and having three supports not more than five (5) inches wide for the wheel to rest upon.
Page 77 - Plates under 12 ^ pounds per square foot, when ordered to weight, shall not average a greater variation than the following: Up to 75 inches wide, 2\ per cent.

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