History of Walworth County, Wisconsin ...

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Page 1486 - ... a prophet is not without honor save in his own country...
Page 1278 - His life has been one of unceasing industry and perseverance and the systematic and honorable methods which he has followed have won him the unbounded confidence of his fellow citizens of Antrim county.
Page 962 - Whether the elements of success in life are innate attributes of the individual, or whether they are quickened by a process of circumstantial development, it is impossible to clearly determine. Yet the study of a successful life is none the less interesting and profitable by reason of the existence of this same uncertainty.
Page 1266 - Faithfulness to duty and a strict adherence to a fixed purpose, which always do more to advance a man's interests than wealth or advantageous circumstances...
Page 832 - Clearly defined purpose and consecutive effort in the affairs of life will inevitably result in the attaining of a due measure of success, but in following out the career of one who has attained success by his own efforts there comes into view the intrinsic individuality which made such accomplishment possible, and thus there is granted an objective incentive and inspiration, while at the same time there is enkindled a feeling of respect and admiration. The qualities which have made Mr.
Page 1056 - Masons, the Knights of Pythias and the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. He...
Page 1104 - ... where he resides. His chief characteristics are keenness of perception, a tireless energy, honesty of purpose and motive, and every-day common sense, which have enabled him not only to advance his own interests, but also largely contribute to the moral and material advancement of the community.
Page 1117 - In touching upon the life history of the subject of this sketch the writer aims to avoid fulsome encomium and extravagant praise ; yet he desires to hold up for consideration those facts which have shown the distinction of a true, useful and honorable life — a life characterized by perseverance, energy and well defined purpose.
Page 982 - As the day, with its morning of hope and promise, its noontide of activity, its evening of completed and successful effort, ending in the grateful rest and quiet of the night — so was the life of this good man.
Page 861 - Change is constant and general, generations rise and pass unmarked away, and it is the duty of posterity as well as a present gratification to place upon the printed page a true record of the lives of those who have preceded us on the stage of action and left to their descendants the memory of their struggles and achievements. The years of the honored subject...

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